Thursday, September 18, 2008

September Garden Blogger Bloom Day

The most beautiful flowers here at Robin's Nesting Place, during the month of September, are the ones adorned by the butterflies. This little beauty is on the lantana. I have several different colors of lantana but the pink has always been my favorite and is also the best performer for me.

As the blooms fade on the butterfly bush, the mums take over and dominate the show.

I can't remember if this cosmos is "Picotee" or "Candy Stripe" but I have really enjoyed it. I plan to collect the seeds and hopefully grow more of it next year.

This is one of the Blanketflower that was wintersown. It really hasn't done very well this year but hopefully next year it will be larger and have more blooms.

I have enjoyed the combination of Russian sage, lambs ear and dusty miller again this year. The carpet rose and the knockout roses are still blooming. As is the Russian sage. For some reason, the 'May Night' salvia has had a dismal year. Last year it was beautiful all summer long, this year they all looked as though they were diseased. I wonder if it is due to the wet spring we had.

I love this color of zinnia!

I have several groupings of zinnias around the back yard. Some did well and others were a flop. I need to do a zinnia post to remind myself of what not to sow next summer.

Several weeks ago the 'Purple Wave' petunias were looking pretty bad. I cut them all the way down to about an inch or two and they quickly grew back. I'll definitely grow these from seed again. There is nothing easier to grow from seed that gives a great display of color all spring and summer long than the wave petunia.

The front flower bed has filled out nicely with the impatiens. The coleus seeds from the front porch planters must have blown into the bed because now I have a lot of little coleus growing with the impatiens.

I have quite a few grasses and they are all in bloom right now. I have two of these near the kitchen window and I love when the sun is shining on them, the feathery plumes just glisten in the sunlight.

Here is the list of what is blooming:

Gerbera Daisies
Purple Wave Petunia
Verbena bonariensis
Carpet Rose
Knockout roses
Russian Sage
Anise Hyssop 'Golden Jubilee'
Black-eyed Susans
Blanket Flower
Butterfly bush

Hopefully things will settle down for me and I'll be on time for next months Garden Blogger Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.


Anonymous said...

The butterflies seemed to abandon my yard while I was on vacation. I keep watching my buddliea for their return, but so far, nothing. I've seen them in the neighborhood though, and I call out to them. "Come here, visit me!". But they don't hear. LOL You're lucky they are still around your lovely garden.

Sue Swift said...

Every US blog I go to seems to be full of swallowtails, and I'm so envious. I wish we had them here.

Patricia said...

Absolutely gorgeous! So many of my favorites - from butterflies to zinnias to grasses. I love the glistening dew on the grass plumes in the early morning, and the way the setting sun turns them to orange. What a Creator!

CIELO said...

You mean that lovely butterfly resides in your garden! Ahhh, you're so lucky... I'd love to create a wild sancturary one day--that's my dream. For now, I love coming here and see the things I want for my garden :)

Have a lovely weekend...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the adornments on your blooms Robin. What gorgeous photos.

Defining Your Home said...

Your butterflies and blossoms are so beautiful! I'm getting concerned about how few we have this year. We've had a lot of rain; last year we were in a drought and my garden was literally filled with butterflies. Cameron

joey said...

Robin, your photos are stunning! Isn't it amazing capturing a moment in time, a message you so beautifully share.

Gail said...

Robin, Your photos are topnotch! It seems to me that you have a great relationship with the creatures that visit your garden...they pose so nicely for you!

Yes do a post on Zinnias! Pink is my favorite Zinnia color, too. What seeds did you plant? Mine came from Seeds of Change and grew beautifully.


Kim said...

Robin, what a delight to stop in this Saturday morning and find your beyond lovely photos. You have outdone yourself this month! I had to smile when I saw your coleus babies - I have some in my mint pot. Mother Nature's surprises can be fun, no?

Sherri said...

Those pictures of the butterflies are absolutely beautiful! I loved all the pics actually! Keep up the wonderful photography Robin and thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Diana said...

Robin - Lovely blooms and friends all around your garden. Your butterfly and bee close-ups are amazing. I think my favorite is the shot where the coleus are peeking out from the Impatiens -- they go together so well, even if they were a surprise!

Northern Shade said...

You captured fantastic detail in your butterfly shots on the lantana. You can practically count the scales. It looks like both the butterflies and lantana are performing well for you.

beckie said...

Robin, your pictures just get better and better! I love the butterfly-suitable for framing! I am going to try sowing my own wave petunias next year as the ones I bought(for the 2nd year in a row) just didn't do well. The zinnias however did rally well this year and I am going to have more of them also. Great bloom day post!

Rose said...

I agree, the best lawn ornaments are the living ones--the butterflies are perfect adornments for your blooms.
So many lovely blooms, but I love that pink zinnia, too.

Rose said...

Me again...I just realized I have missed a couple of your posts. Your photos are just amazing, Robin, so clear and full of detail. The hummingbird photos are my favorites!

Carol said...

Beautiful pictures, especially those with the butterflies and bees!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Sherri said...

Robin check out my blog you have won an award!! Congrats!!

Good Acres said...

Incredible capture of the butterfly!

Pat Kashtock said...

Hi Robin -- Beautiful pics. I love the leaf in the puddle. It is amazing how something we over look, if seen by the right eyes, can become a thing of beauty.

I posted an article you might find interesting. I had thought about asking you if you had a picture I could post that would go with it, but it was late, so I just posted.

Robin On Guard

I did contact Squarespace and they told me how I can caption a picture so I can give the photographer credit (yeah!)
I can also fix it so that if someone clicks on the picture they will be taken to your web site, if that would be good for you.

Pat Kashtock
Take It for What It's Worth

Kerri said...

Hi Robin, I missed your Bloom Day post last month, and am just now catching up. Your butterfly photos are exquisite, and the flowers aren't bad either ;) You have some beauties. I always love cosmos, and yes, zinnias have such lovely detail to go with the pretty colors.
My purple wave petunias self-sowed the past 2 years. Do yours?