Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been quite a while since my last post. Thank you all for the comments that have been left for me.

This has been a difficult month for me. I've had a nasty respiratory virus that's had me coughing and not feeling particularly well for about a month and other health related things that have been bothersome.

I've also been very discouraged and disappointed in some people that I know who have made very poor decisions and have hurt their loved ones. I've been sad and probably even depressed.

I've always wanted my blog to be a place of cheer and encouragement for those who visit. It makes my day when people comment that a picture or a post has brought them cheer.

Honestly, it has been difficult for me to see much beauty in the ordinary things lately, so I've not been taking many nature pictures and the ones I have taken have not pleased me.

I really needed this special time of Thanksgiving to focus on those many things I'm thankful for. I needed to be reminded to focus on blessings and not problems. It has been a very enjoyable Thanksgiving for us even though we couldn't be with extended family this year.

I'm feeling better now both physically and emotionally and hope to post more regularly again.

I'm so thankful for each of you who faithfully reads this blog of mine and I'm thankful for your blogs that I've continued to read, even though I haven't felt much like commenting recently.

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyable time with your loved ones.

On a side note, my computer is sounding strange tonight. So, if by chance you don't hear from me, it may be that I have computer problems. I do hope that isn't the case.


Carolyn gail said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Robin. I'm sorry to hear it's been a difficult month for you and that you had a nasty respiratory virus. Ug.

Your blog has indeed been a place of cheer and encouragement and don't be bothered by anyone who thinks otherwise.

We all go through periods of feeling blue. Cheer up and remember that no matter how bad you think you have it someone else is worse off.

Please use this holiday to concentrate on what you have to be thankful for and I'm sure you will find many things.

Rose said...

A happy Thanksgiving to you, Robin. I do hope you are feeling better; those viruses can sometimes hang for weeks.

I do hope your computer isn't having problems--mine was in the shop for almost 8 weeks, and, though I could use my daughter's, I was lost without my photos and some of my programs.

I do hope all else improves for you, Robin. I know you want your posts to be cheerful, but we all understand that sometimes life just isn't that way.

Laurie said...

Hi Robin, I'm glad to see you back to your blog, I've missed you! Please know that I have always found your little world here to be enlightning and pleasant. However, life does through us some punches, and alway know that your blog friends are here not only in the smooth times, but also through the rough. You are in my prayers, for recovery for your physical and emotional health.

Anna said...

Well we can all relate to your ups and downs! You are so kind and giving in lots of ways and we appreciate you for that.

I have found that gardeners are the most tender hearted people I know. I guess we live and breathe through life. We give and give and end up empty sometimes cause others don't know the right fertilizer to replenish us. Some people use toxins and that won't work for us.

I know 3 other people with that nasty virus and it is taking them a long time to get over it.

Hugs to ya!

Blossom said...

Doesn't it seem like all the bad things happen all at once sometimes? It's easy to feel weighed down and depressed when so many things are going wrong. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, and it's so nice to see a post from you again. I've missed them :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

It seems like this fall has been hard on a lot of us health wise. Glad to see you posting again.

Roses and stuff said...

Life is full of ups and downs, but that's no consolation when you're feeling down. I'm glad you're feeling better and i hope your problems will soon be solved. In the meanstime - take good care of yourself!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hello Robin, so good to hear your voice again. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am glad you got to have some quality time with those you love. This can always recharger your batteries. Life does kick us in the pants from time to time. It sounds like you are shaking it off now and trudging on. That's what we have to do. Take care and know that we in the blogging world have all had rough periods physically and mentally, so understand. Many blessings...

Carol said...

Hi, Robin, It's nice to see a new post and as usual, your pictures are beautiful, especially those pumpkins. Sorry it has been a tough month for you, but yes, Thanksgiving is a good time to take stock and see all the abundance we do have in our lives. Looking forward to more beauitful posts & pictures! God bless!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Robin, it's so nice to have you back. I'm sorry you've felt poorly and out of sorts. I'm also sorry about your disappointment in others. Just know that we love you and are glad you're feeling on the mend. May your computer stay on the mend too. I had to replace mine the other day when it kind of blew up.~~Dee

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...


Sorry to hear of your disappointments, the sad feelings and your health problems.

It does seem that sometimes life gives us a heavy load all at once. The poor decisions that others make can get us down. I try to remind myself that I can't control them, even though their actions have caused others pain.

Persevere for yourself. Take the time you need to care for yourself. If you've suffered an unkind hurt from someone, remember that the best revenge is success. If you can find joy and happiness, even small steps at a time, you'll be able to shake off the pain and disappointments inflicted by others.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Robin... I have missed your blogs--but understand when we all need time for ourselves to get healthy again. Hope you are on the up-and-up now--and can enjoy the next big holiday!

Mary said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Robin. We all have times feeling low...I know I have and it's hard to be UP for posting.

I wish you gentle days and some cheer.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Carolyn Gail, thanks for stopping by and for your encouraging words.

So many people do have it worse than me, many of them are my neighbors and friends. I know of so many who have lost jobs and some are now losing their homes. It is so very sad to me to see so many people struggling. I'm very hopeful that things will be stable with the economy soon.

Rose: Thank you. I was very relieved when I turned on the computer this morning and it was working fine.

Laurie, thank you for your sweet comment.

Anna, so true. I'm very sensitive and to see other people hurting and in pain really affects me. I think I've been getting some of those toxins too. This virus does tend to linger for a lot of people.

Hi, Blossom. Thanks so much for your comment. I think a lot of people are getting hit pretty hard right now.

Aunt Debbie/Kurt's mom: This has been a difficult fall. I love autumn, but feel like I totally missed out on it this year.

Thank you, Katarina, I will.

Lisa, thank you for your encouragement!

Thanks, Carol. Those are pictures are actually from last fall. I didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year for fall decorations.

Thank you, Dee! I got a five year warranty on my computer when I bought it. I've had it for about three, so I figure it'll last me for a couple more years.

Cameron, thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

Thanks, Betsy. Hopefully I'll not catch anything else for a while and if we have some sunshine along the way. I'm sure I'll be fine.

Mary, thank you for your good wishes!

Sue said...

I'm glad you're back! I'm sorry you have had health and family problems. I hope you continue to heal!


Pam/Digging said...

It's always good to hear from you, Robin. I've missed your posts but understand that sometimes you just need to take a break from blogging. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties this month. I hope things look up soon.

Jon said...

Robin, such a treat to visit your lovely blog and I always get a boost from your great photos. Hope your Thanksgiving was nice and that your SAD is better...I too "fight" that condition and just hate it when it gets dark before 5 p.m. and I become irritable as the days get shorter and shorter. I'm a Leo and need light...especially I turn on every lamp in the house! I also watch a lot of stuff on the Travel Channel and perk up when the locale is the tropics, beaches, etc. I used to have a house in the country with a huge fireplace that really was a comfort and joy and a big help in getting through the doldrums of dreary winter days. Hang in there!
Jon at Mississippi Garden

Kerri said...

Robin, I was feeling concerned about you and am glad to see you back posting. I can empathize with your recent feelings as I've had some of the same. Disappointment in people, especially those close to you, can really get you down, and the dreary, cold days make that feeling very hard to shake. Add to that a health issue, and you have a triple whammy to fight against.
Thanksgiving made me focus on the good things too. There truly is much to be thankful for.
I'm glad you're seeing beauty worth capturing with your camera again, and sincerely hope you continue to feel better.
Sending a hug xox

Kathleen said...

I'm glad to see you're back posting Robin. I clicked and clicked on your blog in Nov and missed you. I know I experience Seasonal Affected Disorder too. I have thought about getting one of those lamps (they recommend sitting under) but never have ~ I wonder if it would help? Winter can be long and gray but hopefully we can all help each other thru it. I found your blog in the winter last year and really enjoyed your bird photos. Looking forward to seeing more this winter. (A very belated)Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Stay well.