Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fiesty Birds!

We had some snow flurries this morning and the birds were so fiesty. I can't believe that we still have robins here this winter! In the past they have left, (or at least I didn't see them), and I knew spring was around the corner when I saw them return. They must have more food here this year with all of the Bradford and Cleveland pear trees in our newer neighborhood getting more mature. This is my Bradford pear tree and they were fighting over the berries that were left.

I love to see the little chickadees! Usually they flit around so fast that I have a difficult time getting a picture! This one settled on a branch in the B. pear tree for a few seconds, just long enough to snap this picture...

then quickly flew away when the giant bird flew in. (Doesn't the blue jay look huge compared to the tiny chickadee?)

The blue jays come in screaming, and they certainly are not happy when the morning supply of peanuts are gone.

The wind was brisk, and and it is around 20F this morning. I loved this picture of the downy feathers blowing in the wind.

They were in and out this morning in a flash and made it difficult to get decent pictures.

All of these pictures were captured through the sliding glass doors with my new Canon EOS 50D camera in the action mode. I still have so much to learn about this camera, but so far I am loving it!

I plan to do a few segments on my favorite posts and pictures for 2008. In the mean time, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I hope 2009 is a great year for each of you!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I love how you've captured the birds in your photos. So Beautiful!

Happy New Year!

A New England Life said...

Robin your camera is really capturing some wonderful pictures. The quality is outstanding. I so love the Blue Jays and you have some great shots of them. Love the feathers blowing in the breeze and the one where he's giving you 'the look'. lol! I think he was on to you!

For the past few years our Robins have been staying around. Someone told me it's because so many people are planting berry trees in their yards. It gives them something to eat over the long cold winter. We also have the bay nearby so they tend to stay close to where the water is.

Wishing you a very happy New Year!


Jill said...

I will always stop to look at bird pictures. Chickadees are my favorite, they are sassy birds.

Dave said...

Great pictures! I really like the one with the chickadee fleeing the blue jay. Great camerawork!

Frances said...

Hi Robin, I'm glad to see your name on the photos, they are the best! That new camera is loving your gentle touch too, are you using a special lens? The down feathers on the blue jay are an amazing shot, as are they all. Thanks for the new year gift of your wonderful bird portraits, they are indescribably gorgeous!

Diane said...

Robin! WOW! I was going to ask how far away you are from these birds, and was shocked to read you were inside your house! Fabulous Photography! Blessings to you and yours in 2009~~~

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Gorgeous!Bring on the pictures,I love them.The quality is so-o-o good.My husband just bought a 40D.

New Year Blessings to you,Ruth

Kallen305 said...

This is my first time at your blog and let me tell you I am very impressed! You take great photos.

I had robins here today too and I am in Massachusetts. It snowed all day today and they were busy looking for berries.

Patricia said...

Amazing photos, Robin. You must be having a blast with that new camera.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thank you, Cameron!Happy New Year to you as well!

Sharon, I have read too that the robins will stay in an area if they have enough to eat. Happy New Year!

Jill, thank you! I get excited every time I hear a chickadee! I will stop whatever I'm doing to watch them.

Thanks, Dave! I couldn't believe I got that one! It happened so fast!

Frances, thank you for your advise on the copyrights. I decided that at least on some of them I should use it. The lens I have goes to 300mm and that's what I was using today. The camera came with one lens, but the Canon zoom lens was being sold for only $99. I was thrilled about that!

Diane, I have the bird feeders close to the patio and the Bradford pear tree is fairly close to the patio as well. The robins don't usually come that close to the house, but for some wonderful reason the birds were very brave today.

Ruth, thank you so much! I hope you both enjoy that 40D.

Sherri said...

Robin I love your pics! I especially love the chickadee one (the one before the Jay flew in). What a wonderful camera!

Laurie said...

Fantastic pictures, so pretty! OK that camera needs to go on my vision board for 2009!!

Debbie said...

Great shots, Robin! Always enjoy seeing your photos.

Happy New Year!

Mary said...

Robin, I'm in awe. That camera is a wonderful friend to you! You have the eye for photography, too.

The first Robin shot is incredibly good - my fave in this post.

Keep clicking in 2009!

Happy New Year!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What great captures Robin. That new camera is allowing you to get some interesting shots. Love the blue jay flying away.

Kathleen said...

Hi Robin! Happy New Year to you too! Your photos are always so good (even with your other camera) I can only imagine where they will go with your new camera. I'll definitely be sticking around to see! I think it's good you're putting a copyright on them too. I find mine all over the web. At least the copyright makes them a little more difficult to steal. Oh, our robins stay all winter too? I don't know when I started noticing that?

Anonymous said...

Your bird pictures are beyond amazing! What patience you have, and what great clarity and color. Living in Austin, I've never seen the birds with such a heavy downy coat, and you almost - I repeat, almost - made me enjoy seeing a bluejay! Thanks for this post, and others. Beautiful photography that I love to look at.