Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Photography and F/Stops

Tuesday night we had our last photography class and I hated to see them come to an end. There are other classes that I definitely want to take, but for now I'm going to practice what I've learned. The class was very informative and I enjoyed the mix of people. After the class last night, we decided that we would continue to meet together and practice what we have covered. Hopefully we can all take the next class together.

Many of you have commented that you want to take a photography class some day, I encourage you to do it! I have learned so much about my camera and photography. I'm so glad I did it! It was well worth the cost of the class.

These photos are straight from the camera. I don't recall ever posting photos straight from the camera before because when shooting in Auto I always had to edit and correct them in some way. As much as I hate to admit it, there really is a difference when shooting out of the Auto mode.

The class last week was on learning to shoot in the Aperture Priority mode... the dreaded f/stops. A simple way for me to remember it is that Aperture Priority controls the depth of field or what is in focus in the picture. The lower the number the more blur you have in the background, the higher the number the more you have in focus. This has always confused me because when I look at illustrations explaining f/stops, the aperture openings look as though it it ought to be the exact opposite of this. I still can't wrap my mind completely around that part of it.

I've been making good use of my time at the nursing home while sitting with my mother-in-law, I've actually read my camera manual and it was easier to comprehend after taking these classes. I've also been reading through several of the photography books I have.

I look forward to spending more time behind the camera and less time in the books!


Connie said...

I would love to take a photography class sometime!
My favorite photo of the four you posted is the second one of the Black-eyed Susans. Very nice.

Frances said...

Hi Robin, you and your family remain in our thoughts.

Thanks for the mini lesson on f stops from your class. Little things, one at a time are the best way for many of us to learn about our cameras. High number for lots of focus, small number for blurred background, got it! :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Robin girl ! Thank you for the tip : ) I appreciate it. I would love to take classes as well .. Once something has been taught orally .. I have to do it manually to really get what is taught .. dyslexia is one difficult impediment to work around.
Thanks again !

Janet said...

Great info Robin, so here's the share tidbits of your class and those of us who read your posts will have our own 'mini-class' :-) One of these days I will get a digital camera that has something other than auto settings.

Dave@The Home Garden said...

Those F-stops are tricky to think about. I'm still tinkering but should get myself to a class like you did!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

A photography class?...What fun !
Haven't taken one in 30 years.

Still can't get all the same results with digital cameras.
Maybe I should take a NEW class.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Robin, Bravo! What wonderful images! The classes are great! I know exactly what you're talking about... I finished my AA in Photographic Arts in 2005. I would encourage any photographer of any level and all photography enthusiasts to go for it! Take those classes. Priceless fun and educational. (: Vicki

Sherri said...

Robin, I hope you do take more classes, you seem to have enjoyed the last one so much. I could look at your pics of coneflowers all day!

the inadvertent farmer said...

Reading about your class has inspired me...I've signed up for fall quarter at the local college for a photography class! Thanks for the 'push'...Kim

BTW...gorgeous photos!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Getting good pictures is not as easy as it looks.Yours are great.I have not taken any classes,but have two in-house instructors,my husband and son.This F-stop thing has been the hardest for me to understand,but I'm getting there.Keep on shooting and have fun.

Q said...

It is great to get out of auto and into manual!
Thanks for encourgeing everyone to take a photography class. I do one on line and it helps me think out of the box and out of a rut.
Great shots.

marmee said...

i have been talking about taking a class for years...i really want to and need to. i actually like the photo on the right of the coneflowers. i like when the background is kinda blurry it makes the subject matter stand out.

Kerri said...

Robin, what fun to take a photography class. I'd love to, but would have to travel quite a way to do so. That's what has kept me from doing it.
Thanks for sharing that info. Those little tips are so helpful. Even if we've read them before (as I realize I have, now that you mention it), we don't always retain the information.
Your photos are wonderful!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Since you have posted about your classes I have been dabbling with Manual. Now the dreaded F stop. tee hee...

keewee said...

I too am confused about f/stops. I think it is time for me to take a class, as you have, and learn to get away from the auto mode. I see the difference in your photos and think it is great.

beckie said...

Robin, I am so glad you enjoyed the class and made some friends who are interested in the same thing. That always makes it so much more fun.

Your 2 pictures with the different F stops helped make it ckearer to me. But still very hesitant about using it. :)

Keep up the great work and taking some time for you. Prayers are still with you and family.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Great information about F-stops and aperture. Thanks.~~Dee