Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid-July at Robin's Nesting Place

I was so thankful yesterday for a break in the heat and humidity and I spent some time in the garden doing some much needed weeding. I also spent some time just sitting in the swing, relaxing and enjoying the breeze. Of course I also had my camera handy and took a few pictures while I was outside.

I have quite a bit of Queen Anne's Lace this year since I haven't been mulching. I'm not particularly fond of it since it tends to spread everywhere, yet I am hesitant to remove anything that attracts the pollinators to the garden. I have one with a little pink rosette right in the center of it. I think I'll use them for cut flowers and try to prevent them from going to seed this year.

The bee balm is doing its job of attracting all kinds of pollinators.

I was thrilled to see another hummingbird moth this year. I spent more time than I should have following it around the yard trying to get pictures of it.

They are so fast and so small that it is nearly impossible for me to get really good pictures of them. I had my little Sony DSC-H50 outside with me. It is a great point and shoot camera and I thought it did a pretty good job, considering the subject.

Its favorite flowers were the liatris and the bee balm. Usually they like lantana too but I didn't plant any this year.

The hibiscus is in bloom. I love the pink blush on this enormous white flower.

The chickadee waiting its turn for the bird feeder.

The goldfinch in no hurry at all. Both very brave to venture so close to the patio while I'm sitting on the swing.

This little piggy has been entertaining the cats for days now, driving them crazy as he runs back and forth across the patio to get to the sunflower seeds.

He stuffs his little cheeks so full of seeds until they are literally sticking out of his mouth. I've enjoyed watching him, but I sure hope he doesn't decide to start a family here.

When I saw this partially opened sunflower I couldn't help but think about this verse, "Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips.
Psalm 141:2-4" and the "Speak no evil" phrase.

As you enjoy your summer, please be kind to your skin and yourself. My brother just got word that his melanoma cancer is back and it is now in his lymph nodes. Both he and my mother have had melanoma. Please pray for him as he fights this third cancer diagnosis in a year.


Anonymous said...


Your "piggy" is hilarious. I'm with you, though. One is really enough. A family, rather not.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Robin, I like Queen Anne's Lace also --but it is invasive for sure... Love your sweet little birdies... Some birds never come 'that' close when I am outside. Others will come--like your two!!!!

Good Luck with the Chipmunks. They will double and triple --and just keep on growing... We have a real problem here with them. Good Luck.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I enjoyed these pictures.The sunflower is fantastic.
I am so sorry to hear about your brother and will remember to pray for him.

Marilyn said...

Ooh, if you ever collect seeds from your Queen Anne's Lace, I would love to have some. I'd pay for postage to send them because I've tried all our local green houses and they don't have any plants.

Your flowers are beautiful and the birds and moths are just as nice. ♥♫

Darla said...

Beautiful images...the hummingbird moths will make you walk further than you planned for a photo. Love the sunflower photo and the scripture...prayers for your family.

debsgarden said...

I am so sorry about your brother's diagnosos. Cancer in a couple of forms has ravaged my family, and I know the struggles. Your brother will be in my thoughts and prayers.

I love the sunflower photo and the Bible quote!

Lona said...

Hi Robin. I just love your Hibiscus.The touch of pink is so lovely. That chipmunk is making every trip count with the fat cheeks.Maybe because of the danger from those watching felines. LOL!

africanaussie said...

Your verse and that sunflower photo are perfect. How true that is. I am so sorry to hear the news about your brother, and yes gardeners are the ones you must be warned as we always spend too long out in the sun for just a little more this or that.

A Garden of Threads said...

Great shots. The chipmunks have been very busy in my garden, they had families. Silly pests now.

Cameron said...

I'm so in love with liatris this year. The hummingbird moths love it, too. You really got some great photos.

The Goldfinches are having a great time eating verbena bonariensis that I plant just for them...but, they also love to pull seeds out of the zinnias, rudbeckias and agastache...pulling the petals off as they cling. Okay.

Cute chipmunk! Like you, I tend to give the cute critters a little leeway....there's been a tiny baby bunny living in my garden for a few weeks. She gets so close to me. She rolled upside down the other day, so I gave her a strawberry! Tonight, I informed her that she has to move to the woods and get out of the garden.

Jayne said...

Your photos are lovely. I saw my first chipmunk a couple of weeks ago, while we were up in Michigan. Very cute. Yours is hilarious with his stuffed cheeks.

The verse goes very well with the sunflower pic.

Keeping your brother in my prayers.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Great moments are caught by your camera! My bee balm attracted a couple of humming birds today.

Rosemary said...

One of my fav wild flowers Queen Annes Lace..... Lots happening in your garden!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Such a fantastic collection of photos! I love the shots of the hummingbird moth. I've never had the privilege of seeing one in person so I always love seeing others' photos. And the sunflower photo is wonderful paired with the scripture.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Vicki V @ said...

Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog! Your photos are just amazing. I'm looking forward to reading your posts to get some tips on how to improve my photography with a point and shoot camera. I would especially like tips on indoor shots. I'm your newest follower!

Cally said...

Great photo's of the wildlife in your lovely garden. I keep trying to capture mine on camera but my hands are too shaky these days for clear shots. That hummingbird moth looks amazing. We tend not to get them here in Scotland but my Mum said she saw one in her garden so I guess climate change is bringing us new beauties (as well as new pests)

Jenni said...

Hi Robin~

Your pictures are beautiful, and I think you got some wonderful shots of the wildlife! My daughter LOVES chipmunks, so I showed her the picture, too. :) And that sunflower is amazing, by the way!

I will definitely pray for your brother, that the Lord will be with him, and give him healing and peace. :)

I hope you have a good Friday, and enjoy the upcoming weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Those hummingbird moths are fast, but they don't seem to care one whit if I take their picture, so I can usually grab a couple of blurry shots. I love the last sunflower shot, I thought he'd gotten a big surprise and was saying "OH!"!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

I recently saw a hummingbird moth again this year too...I saw one 2 summers ago but not last year. I haven't been blogging for over a month so I haven't posted it yet. I wish we had chipmunks here, they are so cute. I love your photos of the little guy. I'm sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis...and hope he'll be able to conquer it;-)

Mary Joy said...

Beautiful flowers. My fave is the white flower. We call it as "gumamela" here in my province somewhere in the Philippines.

Mary Joy from Country Guitar Lessons

Naturegirl said...

Robin a lovely post with a clear reminder that skin cancer can really change ones life. Such an innocent mole or freckle can be melanoma! My sis in law discovered just that after returning from Arizona..a gal who sat by the pool exposed skin no hat on head and guess what..removal of skin cancer and surgery to remove lymph nodes!!
Her I agree cover up!!! SPF 30 plus!!
Sending healing energy and prayers for your brother.Blessings to you

inadvertent farmer said...

I always just love what is going on at your place...that little chipmunk is too adorable!

Perfect title to that last photo...speak no evil are indeed wise words! Kim

Sissy said...

I love your blog...
I don't know you, but I am praying for your mom and brother.
You are a talented photographer!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

Beautiful photos Robin....I have had skin cancer and and thinking of your family...

Kylee said...

Robin, your photos are stunning, as usual. That chipmunk is hilarious! I'm sorry to hear about your brother. My dad had melanoma eight years ago, but they caught it early and he's been fine since. I pray your brother has a successful fight against this. Hugs to you.