Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few days ago I spent a little time at a local park to get some fall pictures.

The little ground squirrels were so cute playing around the roots of the huge tree.

The black walnuts are prolific this year and walking under the trees was quite dangerous. Every time the wind would blow they would come crashing to the ground.

The squirrels were quite busy gathering walnuts and acorns. They were so busy that they didn't pay much attention to me and I was able to get pretty close to them, even with the bulky tripod..

This one was pretty funny all spread out eating his walnut.

We have had a warm and lovely autumn so far. It has been absolutely delightful!
I have a thing for old barns. When I see one I have an intense desire to stop the car and photograph it. I gave in to that desire a few days ago while I was on my autumn photography adventure!

This one is huge! Sadly it is dilapidated and the roof is collapsing. I don't know what the story is and why it is in such disrepair, but I assume since it is right off of a busy street in an area that has some new construction close by, it probably will be torn down soon.

This one was right down the street. I'd love to go back again when the photography conditions are better. These were taken about 3:00 in the afternoon with bright sunshine. Sunrise or sunset would be much better!

Not much is in bloom here. Just a few roses, cosmos and verbena.

I loved this dark cosmos against the fence. The wind was blowing so hard that it was difficult to get pictures!

The maple trees are gorgeous right now!  I saw these two leaves near the bottom of the trunk.

This is what drew me outside today with my camera, even though the wind was blowing so hard. I couldn't believe my eyes! A monarch butterfly! I hardly saw a butterfly all summer and to see this one so late in the season was a sweet surprise! I'm so glad that the verbena was still in bloom!

I sure hope it ventures south soon!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

All the pictures are lovely,but those maple leaves sure got my attention. That is a gorgeous shot.

debsgarden said...

Cute squirrels; I bet they relish this season with all the nuts and acorns! I love the photos of the old barn. It is sad to see that it is dilapidated and probably headed toward demolition. It would be interesting to know its history.

Rosemary said...

Wonderful autumn season photos... there is something about old barns so interesting one wonders about their story.........

Patricia said...

So very lovely, Robin. I simply must get a tripod.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful fall photos Robin. I love seeing the chipmunks. I rarely see them around here. Those darned squirrels bring walnuts from who knows where and plant them in my mulch every fall. I see them scampering by the window with one of those big nuts in their mouth. I have always wanted to get a picture of that. They also plant oak trees everywhere. I have a soft spot for big old barns too. They have so much more character than the metal barns that are now erected. The metal barns all look the same. Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

The barns are gorgeous. Love that row of mums too. It is such a treat to see the Monarchs.

imhkki said...

beautiful place and photos

Kerri said...

Oh Robin - these are Super! So glad to see posts from you again!!
Love those old barns ..... and the Monarch steals my heart!

caroln said...

I'm an urban gardener up in Jersey City. Just had to say I love your fall photos. I've seen a few monarch butterflies this year, not as many as in the past though. Just starting to get chilly at night here.
Carol from

Barbarapc said...

Robin, loved seeing your frolicking rodents! I wonder if my back would feel better if I could stretch out that flat.
The monarchs are late this year - but so is our cold fall weather. Let's hope this gorgeous creatures makes it to its destination in time.

Kay said...

I miss a midwest fall. It is pretty here but the midwest has it all.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Lovely photos! I just love old barns too. We have lots in the country here in Alberta, and sadly, many are falling down. Although, even the falling down ones are strangely beautiful in a moody kind of way.

Happy Halloween!

Jayne said...

Wonderful photos Robin. Those little ground squirrels are adorable and I love the pic of the squirrel all stretched out. I wonder what the story is behind the old barn. Such a pity.