Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Robin's Nesting Place

 It makes me very happy when the birds choose to nest here at Robin's Nesting Place. A pair of house wrens decided to nest in the birdhouse and the robin's are nesting here as well.

 I was out watering a few days ago and caught this juvenile robin just as it was about to leave the nest. I ran inside and got the camera!

 Thankfully it was still there! This morning I noticed a new robin's nest! This one is lower and closer to the house so hopefully I can get a careful peek at the eggs and the babies as they grow.

Before work this morning I sat on my patio and tried to get pictures of the hummingbirds. This is my yearly photography challenge, to capture decent photographs of them. They are such marvelous creatures and I never tire of watching them! I'm not particularly happy with the pictures I got today but I'll keep trying.

Thank you all for your kind comments regarding my Lowe's project! I am pretty excited and a little nervous about being a part of such an awesome group! Here is our project for June:

Option #1 – Good Looking and Good For You – This project focuses on combining edible plants with ornamental blooms.  Target an established patch of garden or start something new – Your challenge is to create a garden plot that is both decorative and edible (in some areas).  For example, rimming a flower bed with different types of lettuce or herbs.
Option #2 – Furniture Fun – If you want to take a break from plant life for a few minutes, then you’ll want to go with this option.  This project focuses on enhancing your outdoor space with a new creative piece or even refurbishing something you already have into something truly eye-catching with the backdrop of your beautiful garden.
I think I'll go with option #2. My head has been spinning with ideas and I can't wait to get started on it! Stay tuned to see how I enhance my patio furniture and there might even be a new creative piece included!

Speaking of the awesome group, here are the other members:
Don't forget to check out Lowe's Creative Ideas for project inspiration!


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