Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Potting Bench

The Lowe's project for August was, "Address the Mess". We were to pick an area or item that could use a creative approach to organization or storage for gardening tools and accessories. Mess is the correct word to describe my garage! We have a three car garage and no room to park any of our cars! Most of it is my fault too. The garage is where I do most of my projects, and I have plenty of projects waiting to be done before winter sets in.

 This is another project that was labor intensive and the work kept multiplying! Thankfully my sweet husband helped me with some of the cleanup. We had to remove some shelves so all of that garage junk had to find a new home. The wall was a mess so I had to patch the holes from the anchors and then apply a fresh coat of  paint.

In my previous post I mentioned that I had been given a free Drexel hutch which was perfect for this project! I already had all of the items used to decorate so my Lowe's money was spent on paint, wood for the shelves, peg board, buckets, and the peg board tools.

Here is the before and after! This was a project that was exciting and fun to do! I love to take other people's trash and create something useful and beautiful! I also had motivation to be crafty and creative while decorating.

I have hundreds of pictures to condense and edit. Hopefully tomorrow I will have another post of the close-ups of the potting bench, including my craft projects and a cost breakdown of some of my bargains!

Don't forget to stop by Lowe's Creative Ideas for more home and garden inspiration!



Alicia said...

I love the creative way you used that Hutch! What a great idea!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All I can say is that this turned out great. Doesn't it feel good to get a mess all cleaned up, even if it is a lot of work.

Lona said...

Oh I just love this idea Robin. How gorgeous it turned out.

sharon said...

WOW amazing I love the can you beat that for practically husband would have said "no way, that is junk, you dont need tha,t what are you going to do with that..." yada yada...I too have rescued many a thing from the garbage..Great job

Marilyn said...

LOVE IT! I want one!♥♫