Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hot Pink Cutie!

I got this vintage Sears French Provincial desk at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It obviously had been used as a makeup vanity and years of makeup were caked on it. It was so dirty.

It got a thorough scrubbing inside and out.

It had dirty wallpaper stuck inside the drawer that I could not remove. I remembered seeing a handy tip on Pinterest about removing wallpaper with fabric softener. The tip was 1:1,one part fabric softener to one part water. I didn't measure, I just put water and softener in a spray bottle.

I peeled the top layer off the wallpaper and generously sprayed the drawers. 

I was amazed at how easily it scraped off. My daughter also used this technique to remove the wallpaper border in the house they just purchased. She first tried a commercial product which didn't work well at all. It was a piece of cake to remove the border with this stuff!

Another plus was the wonderful fragrance from the fabric softener masked the smell of the old makeup and musty drawers.

At the vendor mall where I work, I had been overhearing little girls talking to their moms about wanting hot pink in their rooms. So I knew I wanted a touch of hot pink on the desk. I painted all of the drawers pink and the desk a lovely creamy white. The quality of this picture isn't good due to the lighting. I've got to remember to get pictures of items in better lighting before I put them in my space!

Here it is again! 

This little cutie only lasted a few days in the shop before it went home with a little princess!

Next time, let's talk paint! I have some tips that will save you time and money!


Kerri Farley said...

WOW - it looks GREAT!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Darling. I know several little girls that would love such an item.

Betsy Adams said...

Wow---it looks great, Robin... I thinks it is marvelous after homeschooling your children that you have found such a great way to use your gifts and talents. CONGRATS.

PJJones said... always.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Oh my! I can see some little girl beaming as she sots at this desk.