Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fun With Flowers

Christmas Cactus
Today was a dreary rainy day and we're having a nasty round with a stomach bug going through the family. Not Fun! To cheer me up and brighten my day I decided to play around with some of the flowers that are blooming in the house.
Christmas Cactus
The Christmas cactus has a beautiful bloom on it but it is difficult to see the details of the flower since the pretty side faces downward. I carefully laid the cactus on a blue piece of paper so I could see it and get a better picture. I love the colors of the blue, pink and green together. The blue paper really makes the flower pop.
Christmas Cactus

Yellow Gerbera
The gerberas are so cheerful looking and have made me very happy. I'm so glad I went to the trouble to dig them up and bring them inside.
Pink Gerbera

Yellow Gerbera

Red Gerbera

Pink Gerbera

African Daisy
I had also brought in an African daisy that was in a container on the patio and today I noticed a couple of very small blooms on it. The plant looks healthy and green but the blooms are pretty small, it probably needs a little plant food. I don't usually fertilize plants in the yard and rarely think to give any to the inside plants, but I think these probably need a feeding.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wheww that first photo is a knock out. All that color made my heart go pitty patter. Wonderful photos.

Sorry to hear you are feeling crummy. I hope it doesn't last long.

Patricia said...

Hi Robin. Your photographs are perfectly lovely. Yes, we do have much in common and I'm so glad that you stumbled onto Pollywog Creek in crowded bloggerland! =) Thank you for your most kind comments. If there is anything I photograph that brings pleasure, it is straight from the hand of God - He is the Creator of all that is beautiful. I only catch a glimpse of it in my camera. Blessings!

Kerri said...

I hope that stomach bugs goes away quickly! I can see how that beautiful bright pink could make you take it home :) I love what you did with it for the picture. Yes, lovely combination of colors.
I'm adding Gerbera Daisies to my wish list for next year. They really are cheerful!
I did the same with a couple of African Daisies. Mine seemed to perk up and bloom more with the colder weather. We'll see if they make it through.
Wonderful photos to brighten this snowy day. Thanks!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Darn, I should have brought that Osteospernum in as a pot plant! Mine was blooming as late as the last week in November. I like the color of yours. Your photos are so detailed - wonderful!

Anonymous said...

those are lovely flower photographs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thanks Lisa, I haven't had the full blown virus yet but my poor daughter and son have had it rough though. I sure hope I don't get it.

Patricia, thank you for stopping by. I certainly did enjoy my visit at your nature photography blog.

Kerri, thank you for the comments you left on my blog posts today. The gerbera daisies sure are cheery aren't they.

Thank you, Mr McGregor's Daughter. I had several of them (Osteospernum), the others didn't look very healthy, this one however look too good to let the cold get it. It was kind of an experiment and I'm glad I brought it in.

Carol said...

Yesterday was just an awful day, weather wise, but it looks like you've got some pretty flowers to tide you over. That Christmas cactus is quite unusual!

Get well soon!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

MrBrownThumb said...


That first photo is pretty spectacular. One of the best ones I've seen of them.

Anonymous said...

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