Monday, February 11, 2008

Primrose, Seedlings and Weather

It was incredibly cold on Sunday with a wind chill of minus 15 degrees. My husband and I agreed that we had never felt such brutal cold before, at least not that we can remember. Usually I can stay inside when it is snowy or that cold but we attended church and then I had to run an errand afterwards, brrrr, it was so cold it hurt. While shopping, I spotted this lovely primrose and brought it home to add a little color to enjoy during these next few snowy days.

The impatiens seeds that were sown on Tuesday, February 5, have now germinated. I removed the clear plastic lid to the container and cut two large air vents. Usually, at this stage, I remove the lid completely but it is so cold right now, I decided to just vent the lid to help keep them at a warmer temperature. I can now smell the warm, damp peat as I sit here at the computer.

I filled the bird feeders today in preparation for the snow that is predicted. Usually we have a lot more activity at the feeders when there's snow. I've actually been looking forward to another snowfall for that very reason. I was pleased to see the male cardinal at the feeder today. I see the female here frequently, the male for some reason rarely comes.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Robin, I hope you get your snow. They say we might even get some tonight but I will believe it when it gets here.

Brrrr it has been cold up your way. I thought today was cold here but not near as cold as it has been up your way. I don't care where you are when they start talking about "feels like" temps it is cold.

The primrose looks like the color of your old blog page. :)

Those tiny impatients are like a breath of spring air. A lot of excitement in those small peat pots.

Melanie Vassallo said...

Robin, I can close my eyes and almost smell the damp peat too! Now I need to go to the store and start some of my own seeds :-)

mon@rch said...

those are such amazing colors and the primrose are great! Ugg, isn't this weather crazy? We are in a deep freeze right now with more snow tomorrow! Hope the birdies are happy with a full feeder!

* * * For a Fair Deal * * * said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR Robin. How does your southern-born-blood make during the cold weather you are having? As always, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your gorgeous pics.

Love ya!
Susan in P'cola

Carol said...

I wonder how much snow we'll really get? Those weathermen were very wrong last time they predicted snow. It looks like it is coming up from the south, so I'm likely to get more snow than you this time!

And yes, these last few days has been mighty cold, even for a native Hoosier like me.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

kate said...

The Primrose certainly looks cheerful, especially with nasty wind chills. You have an uncanny ability to catch birds in action.

It'll be fun to watch your impatiens plants grow.

Frances said...

Primroses are so cheerful, isn't it wonderful how they are available nearly everywhere to brighten our days? Your birdfeeder looks like a popular spot with that mix of finch and cardinal. Our cardinals are bullies, not allowing others to feed with them, even other cardinals.

Frances at Faire Garden

Kylee said...

Oh those seedlings are so encouraging! I need to get some things started here.
Hasn't this weather just been awful?? So very very cold and windy. I hope the plants will survive it.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hi Robin! I'm here visiting and have gone through most of your blog. My favorite entry was the one with the verbena and all the butterflies, the hummingbird moth, and all the other little creatures (and that chubby little hand!). OMG - lovely! Glad to find you - I'll be back, and would like to link to your blog if that's okay. Debi @ GHT

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

The birds are muching through the seed at our feeders at a record pace. It was in the 20s today and I had to fill up twice!!! And I have a several feeders!

The cardinals around here have just recently resorted to the feeders. I'm glad to see them though.

Robin at Bumblebee

Mary said...

Robin, I'm so giddy to see your impatiens pop up! I don't plant from seed and now you are enticing me to do so!

My gosh, it's too cold in so many parts of the nation. It's 46 here today but we have RAIN!

If you get your snow, I hope it's pretty. Post photos, please :o) The male Cardinals will be there in force if you have several females!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Are we talking minus 15 C or F? Both are pretty cold, that's for sure.
Here it was plus 15 C on Sunday, like a lovely spring day. Today it's back to winter again with a maximum of plus 4 C and minus 5 C during the night.

Excellent idea to bring that primrose home with you!

It's good to see that your Impatience are living up to their name! It's always such a cheerful sight to see the first leaves of a seedling unfurl.

Weeping Sore said...

I miss cardinals. They don't live here in San Diego where I transplanted over 30 years ago. So when I saw the picture of cardinals at your bird bath, it reminded me of childhood winters, watching the birds through the frosty window when it was too cold to go outside to play. We got to toss stale bread crusts on the snow and watch the hungry red cardinals enjoy them.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Lisa: We didn't get much snow at all this time. They actually got more in Louisville than we did.

Melanie: Thanks for stopping by. I'm ready to get my other seeds started too.

Mon@rch: Thank you and yes, this weather is crazy.

Susan: Most of the time I do O.K. with the cold temps. especially if the sun is shining. It's those dreary gray days that drive be nuts.

Carol: They seem to have a difficult time predicting the weather. They sure do cry wolf a lot.

Kate: I love watching the birds and I always try to have my camera handy.

Frances: I can't believe it, but this is my first time to ever have a primrose. I don't remember them down south. They caught my attention for the first time at the Indy Flower and patio show last year.

Kylee: I sure hope the things we've winter sowed survive. I want flowers everywhere this spring.

Debi: Thanks for stopping by. Absolutely, please do link to my blog and I'll do the same to yours!

Robin/Bumblebee: I love the cardinals. I would have to fill my feeders more too but I'm determined not to buy the junk seed anymore. The sparrows and starlings don't seem to eat as much sunflower seed.

Mary: Glad you got rain. The snow was disappointing. Just enough to make the roads messy. I did get some pics of birds today that I'll post in a few minutes.

YE: It was minus 15 F. sorry for the confusion. The impatiens are growing so fast. I may regret starting them this early. This is a different kind than the ones that took so long last year.

Weeping Sore: I love the cardinals too. I always favored the male, but the female is beautiful in her own right.