Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menacing Birds

The starlings have occupied the bird house and have several babies now. Mama starling has been so busy taking care of her young, feeding them and removing their waste from the nest, (I've never actually seen birds do that before). While it has been interesting to watch her, I feel guilty and hate that they are using my birdhouse to propagate. When these are gone, I'll find a way to make the holes smaller so this doesn't happen again.

The house sparrows have tried to nest in the bluebird house, but twice I removed their nest. After the second time I just gave up on bluebirds and covered the hole.

I sure wish I had nice birds using my birdhouses here at Robin's Nesting Place.


Kathleen said...

ugh. I would have removed their nests too just like you did the sparrow nests in the bluebird box. It would just be too hard for me to think I helped expand their already burgeoning population. I'm pretty zealous about chasing them out of my yard ~ if I see them building a nest, I tear it down or hose it down. It sure helps keep the desirable birds around when they aren't in the yard.

Janet said...

Two years running I have had Chickadees in my Bluebird house. My thinking is that everyone has to live somewhere. I know what you mean about Starlings. When they hit the feeder, they empty it.

our friend Ben said...

What a marvelous bird house, Robin! I love it!!! Did you make it or buy it?

Richard said...

That is one great birdhouse. Giving me some future ideas.