Monday, May 9, 2011

Stacy's Story and God's Amazing Grace

Wednesday, while we were driving around the block where my family lived, my sister saw a neighbor, (Stacy), standing in her yard. She wanted to stop and check on her. Along with her home, Stacy had lost her dog in the tornado and Diane wanted to see if they had found it.

There was so much devastation on the street in front of Stacy's house, and I walked around taking pictures while Diane talked to her friend.

This tree was down in front of Stacy's house. Just to give perspective, my son is 6 feet tall.

After I finished taking a few pictures, I joined them in their conversation. I am so glad I did! Stacy had an incredible story to tell!

Stacy and her family took shelter in the bathroom during the storm. As the tornado passed over, peeling the roof from their home, she felt the house lift off of the foundation. She asked God to please put it back down.  Immediately, it went back down. (All around her, homes are gone from their foundations, and her late aunt's mobile home that was in her back yard, a few feet from her home, completely disappeared.)

She took us in to what was left of her home. The floor was squishy from the rain and covered with debris. I was afraid to walk on it because I wasn't sure it would hold us up. Stacy wanted to show us her bathroom while she recalled what happened during the storm.

While her family was huddled in the bathroom, a 2x4 shot through the roof. Stacy was praying her heart out, the louder the storm got the louder she got. Her Bible had been in another room in her house, as the tornado passed over, it picked up her Bible and tossed it through the opening in the roof. It landed undamaged on the bathroom counter!

After the storm passed, (I'm not exactly sure of the time frame), a neighbor that had never spoken to her came over and told her that he had heard her praying during the storm. He apologized for being a bad neighbor and told her that God wanted him to give her some money. He gave her $100!

Stacy's husband has cancer and is going through treatments. Their home was not insured and they pretty much lost everything. The one material possession that Stacy cherished was a trunk that held treasured memories of her child that had died. There was no damage to the trunk or the treasured contents! 

As we stood there and listened to Stacy recount her harrowing story, she told us that none of the material possessions mattered to her, she was just thankful they were all alive.  She teared up and said the one thing she grieved over was her beloved boxer that they had found dead and had buried that day.

We walked back outside to listen to Stacy play herself singing Amazing Grace, (my sister had asked to listen to it). She has a gorgeous voice! As the song was playing she told us that she was singing Amazing Grace in her hotel room when another tornado victim knocked on her door and asked if she could come in and sit on her bed and listen to her sing. She told Stacy that people were coming out of their rooms and were just standing silently in the hall listening to her sing.

Beside Stacy's house.

After losing everything and seeing the devastating destruction and death all around her, Stacy could still sing Amazing Grace! I was so blessed hearing that.

While we were standing there talking, a fire truck pulled up. The firemen got out and walked over to Stacy's husband. They had been doing medical checks in the neighborhood, so I figured that was what they wanted. A few seconds later Stacy's son came running over and very excitedly said that they had a one year old boxer that needed a home. They asked them if they wanted it! We took that opportunity to leave so she could talk to the firemen to let them know that she indeed wanted the dog.

I would love to know if they already knew that she had lost her boxer, or if they were just asking families that they saw. Either way, it was a blessing to know that the one thing she was grieving over, God had provided. I am so thankful to have witnessed that special moment for Stacy and her family!

Stacy's house

Please pray for them. I can't imagine losing a child, dealing with my husbands cancer, losing my home and all of my possessions and not having insurance. It seems almost too much to bear, but not to Stacy. She had such peace; I know it is only because of God's Amazing Grace!


Catherine said...

I just caught up with all your posts Robin! Unbelievable!

Sending you and your family extra big hugs and keeping you in my thoughts!
xo Catherine

Darla said...

Now that's what I call standing on the Word!!! God is faithful and meets us at our level of faith. Inspiring story.

Dawn Dutton said...

Thanks for sharing Stacys amazing story.. Her family will be in our prayers. Dawm

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I've been following your stories and thank you...I think that you are doing an outstanding job that I know is so difficult to do. Please keep us updated. Sending prayers from TN.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Dear Robin,
I stumbled upon your stories through visiting Thoughtfully Blended Hearts, and could not stop until I'd read them all; now I can't stop the tears.
The pictures and your words bring this "news story" home on such a personal level. As a veteran of floods, I do understand local devastation, but nothing on this scale. You write eloquently and beautifully of this tragic happening.

God bless Stacy and her family, your family, your Dad and his little miracle dog -- and all suffering in the wake of these storms. Now I need to find what I can do to help as well.


Kay said...

my prayers seem so small compared to the power Stacy has found in her belief. Wonderful story..thanks so much for sharing.

Love the Decor! said...

Wow!! love these amazing stories. Just a reminder that God is good . All the time!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

WOW! Now there is someone who is living out her faith.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is amazing indeed. I wish them the best of luck.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Robin, You may not remember me --but we used to comment on each other's blogs. Anyhow--I am here through Thoroughly Blended Heart's blog today..

I read ALL of your posts on the Tornado... I cried my heart out. So glad your sweet Dad found his other doggie...

Glad your family is okay. What wonderful people. God be with them ---all of them who lost so much in the tornado.


Marydon said...

Emotional & heart rendering share, Robin. May God continue to hold each persona affected by such horrible devastation. He never fails us. Thank you for sharing this story ... Stacy is one amazing lady.

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GardenofDaisies said...

Wow, what a story. My prayers are with Stacy and everyone affected by the tornados. I'm also sending $ to the Red Cross. Hope all your readers will join me. Let's all give what we can so that people will get the help they need to rebuild.

ann said...

You are telling amazing stories. We only know what we see on the news, which is quite inadequate. I am praying for your family and their neighbors.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Reading what you have written brings the real aspect of the tornadoes much closer. Those poor people, such suffering they have already gone through, and now this.

I wish them a brighter future, and will include them in my prayers.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

HolleyGarden said...

I just found your blog, and am so moved by this story. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy said...

Ok, I've just caught up on your latest posts and I'm just overwhelmed with emotion and sorrow and JOY for your family who has lost so much yet stayed so strong through all of this.

I have guilt about carrying on like normal two weeks after these storms. Blogging about normal stuff like my gardens and home stuff when so many have nothing left right now. This is a good reminder to keep giving whenever and however I can. I'm so proud of my fellow Alabamians after these storms. It's been great to watch everyone pitch in and help each other. Your stories are such a great testament to that. Thank you for sharing all of this.

God bless all of your family who have been through so much.

Gail said...

What an amazing series Robin~Unbelievable the power of those storms, hugs to you and prayers for the families affected by the storms, gail

Shelinwa said...

WOW Robin thank you for sharing. Makes me want to drop everything and go help. The devastation is so heart wrenching. hearing the peoples kindness is awesome.