Monday, September 24, 2007

Butterfly Emerges

Today one of our black swallowtail butterflies finally emerged from its chrysalis.
I took it up to my craft room to make sure the kitty wouldn't harm it while I played and took a few pictures.
I took some Easter pictures of my friend's children and this was the basket I used. I pulled it out of the closet and placed the verbena and butterfly on the basket. The butterfly was climbing all over the basket so it was about as cooperative as the little children were when they used the basket.

Flat Stanley will have this cool event to share with my nieces class. The butterfly accidentally used the bathroom on his head, oops. (Did you notice the Colts jersey I made for him?)
What a blessing it is to witness this complete metamorphosis up close and then to hold this beautiful creature in my hand.
The butterfly didn't stay long inside the house, she kept flying to the window and I was concerned that she might damage her wings. I let her go outside and she quickly flew away. I was hoping she would stay on my flowers so I could watch her a bit longer, but she didn't.

I have two other chrysalises that I'm waiting on, however, I think one of the butterflies may not emerge. The chrysalis is almost black and just doesn't look like the other two. It was the first one to pupate, so I think something happened to it. Hopefully, the other one will emerge in a day or two.


Bek said...

Just Beautiful!

Carol said...

I love Flat Stanley's new shirt. Very nice! And what an adventure he had with that butterfly. The kids will love it when he goes back, he has so much to tell them.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Yolanda Elizabet said...

How wonderful to be present at the re-birth of this gorgous creature. Thanks for sharing thess special moments Robin.

Flat Stanley is looking great in his new shirt!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I think the butterfly was making an editorial comment on the Colts. :-) What a beautiful creature. Your photos really show it off.

OldRoses said...

Flat Stanley is on Garden Voices!!

Layanee said...

I had a Flat Stanley visit, it was Flat Kelley and we had a heck of a time! No poo on the head though! Those butterfly pictures are gorgeous and you are lucky!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thank you, Bek. The butterfly was so black and the wings were perfect unlike the worn and battered ones I have seen in the garden. It was beautiful.

I thought you might like that jersey, Carol. People around here are very proud of the Colts aren't they. We took Stanley Sunday to see the new Colts stadium and the RCA dome. He also did go to Conner Prairie with my neighbors children. They got into the spirit of and we got some really good pictures to send back.

Thanks Yolanda, you should have seen Stanley all dressed up for church Sunday. He looks good in a dress shirt and tie too.

Mr. McGregor's daughter, too funny. Thankfully it was on his head and not his Colt's jersey.

Oldroses, I sent my niece an email with the Garden Voices link, letting her know that her Flat Stanley is famous! So cool. Thanks for doing that.

I'm having so much fun with Flat Stanley, Layanee. I'm a teacher at heart and this is such a fun way to teach children a variety of things. Thank you.

Tina said...

She's a beauty! I think the females (more blue) are prettier than the males (more yellow). Nice work!
I raise them every summer--I wait for the caterpillars to appear in the garden, then bring them inside until the butterflies emerge, then I release them. Last year I had a procrastinating chrysalis that ended up spending 9 months in our fridge! It's quite an honour being up close and personal with these fantastic creatures.

shirl said...

Hi there, Robin

WOW - what great shots of such a beautiful butterfly! What a treat to be waiting for more too :-)

Paula said...

Gorgeous colors! Any you captured them perfectly!!

Kylee said...

That is just GORGEOUS! I've got a Monarch chrysalis in my house right now and in a week or so I hope to see the butterfly emerge. I'm just in awe of this whole process.

You've got some wonderful photos of this beauty!

Colleen said...

Oh, how gorgeous! Great job photographing it so that all of us could share in the joy as well!

Connie said...

What a wonderful looking fresh beautiful!