Thursday, September 6, 2007

A silver-spotted skipper on the zinnia.

We are in a newer subdivision and there isn't much variety in the birds here since there are so few mature trees. We have plenty of sparrows and doves, a few eastern bluebirds and robins in the spring, and these beautiful goldfinches. Most of the year I just see sparrows so I'm very pleased when the colorful goldfinches show up at my feeders. I love to hear them sing.
I have the sock feeder and a nicer finch feeder in the same tree, but they prefer to eat their thistle seed from the sock feeder.

I didn't realize that doves like thistle seed, but they obviously do, because the doves are always coming to this feeder to eat. Maybe that's why the finches prefer the sock feeder, no doves to share with.

The black swallowtail caterpillars are getting large. The largest one has become quite restless and has been climbing up and down the vase onto the sticks that are propped in the container. Tonight I noticed that it appears to have settled on a stick. I expect to see a chrysalis soon.


JANET said...

Wow! Great photos! Glad I found your blog.

Connie said...

Great capture of the goldfinch on the tree limb...just lovely!

Ki said...

I second Connie's comment. What a great photo of the perky goldfinch perched on the branch.

Carol said...

I third or fourth the comments. Great photos. There is nothing like the blue of a September sky as a backdrop for nature photos.

shirl said...

Hi Robin,

I see your new lens is getting good use! Brilliant shots - I especially like to see your insects and birds :-)

Your goldfinches are quite different from our European ones - your captures show how handsome they are :-)

BTW have you any ornamental grasses in your garden that you could photograph? I bet your new lens would do a fantastic job on their fine flower heads and leaves.

Do you fancy joining Layanee and myself with a post on ornamental grasses over the weekend? We thought it would be interesting to see the varieties we have in our gardens at the moment. My post is up and Layanees's will be soon too - do drop by :-)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Janet: Thank you, and I'm very glad you found my blog too. Welcome!
Connie, Ki and Carol: Thank you for the compliments on the pictures.
Shirl: Thank you. I do have ornamental grasses and will try to get a post together this weekend.