Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall is Near

This evening when I was outside taking these pictures I saw several little boys, about four or five years old, in my yard. I wondered what they were doing and moved closer to see what they were up to. They were taking handfuls of my mulch and dropping it in the nearby storm drain. I stopped one of the boys as he was about to drop the mulch and asked him to put it back where he got it. He threw it on the ground , I asked him to pick it up and put it back. He refused. Boy did that ever make me mad! Of course they are unsupervised. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hate living by the playground/common area. It's so very frustrating.

Anyway, the maple leaves are beginning to change already. It's been so dry this summer, I'm thinking the leaves will turn and fall early this year.

I can't believe how quickly this burning bush has changed colors.

The moon flowers are full of blooms. They are beautiful, but I don't know if I'll plant them again. They seem to attract the angry looking wasps. I'll work around the bees, I'm not afraid of them and they don't seem to be bothered by me, but wasps are a different story. I'm afraid to go near them to turn on the water. I have a really long hose on the side yard spigot and that's the one I've been using to water. My trellis is also leaning almost to the ground from the weight of the moonflower. It has gotten huge.


Carol said...

I was stung twice last year by paper wasps, so I'm more careful around them. Yesterday, I was stung twice by yellow jackets! Bees never seem to bother me. I guess that's because they know they can only sting once, so are saving it. Wasps and yellow jackets can sting multiple times.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Pam/Digging said...

Good fences make good neighbors, Robin, though I know you're trying to use shrubs to the same effect. But a fence, even a short picket fence, will keep 'em out right away.

Your moonflowers are like satin sheets---lovely! And how I wish I could grow a burning bush, but you don't see them around here.

Katie said...

...But I bet that little boy will never mess with your yard again!

I too can't believe how quickly fall has beseiged us here in Northern California. We were in the 80s through November of last year, but we had a cold front move through today that is seriously tempting me to turn on the fireplace!

Love the burning bush pics.