Monday, November 26, 2007

The last of Autumn Colors

It is amazing to me how quickly the colors of autumn change from brilliant and gorgeous reds, oranges and yellows to the dreariest of browns. I took these pictures yesterday and as I look out the window now at the same tree, the colors have changed overnight. Within a day or two the tree will be bare of any leaves at all.

In the midst of decaying leaves is a promise of spring beauty.

All of the leaves have now fallen off of the Japanese maple, and underneath, sheltered from the cold, was this small volunteer hosta. It was still fresh and green, but not for long since it was covered with a heavy layer of frost.
I've seen pictures that other people have taken of frost and thought they look so cool. I went out to the car, got inside and took these pictures of the frost on the windshield. They didn't turn out that great, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to practice.


Annie in Austin said...

There is no leaf in my garden that turns such a splendid color. Just beautiful, Robin!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful color in your garden. I don't think the frost photo is so bad. It is pretty good. I haven't seen frost like that for awhile. It won't be long until it will be here every day.

Carol said...

I spent the day inside at work, drove to work in the dark, drove home in the dark. Barely had a chance to look outside. But it appears it was a rainy, dreary cold day. I think we have indeed seen just about the last good autumn color. It is now being replaced by the Christmas lights!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thank you, Annie.

Lisa, just wait, you'll get your frost soon. It's hard to believe that we're that much colder than you.

Don't you just hate that, Carol. I've heard several people complain lately about going to work and coming home in the dark. It is hard to get used to, especially when just a few weeks back it wasn't getting dark until about 9:30.
It was a dark and dreary day though, so you didn't miss much. I had to get out tonight and noticed the lights too.

verobirdie said...

The frost on your car is so beautiful! I thought it was hard you had made...

* * * For a Fair Deal * * * said...

Robin, the colors and your frost pics are astounding. As always, I enjoy seeing what you have written and the pics you have posted. We have a little more color in Northwest Florida that usual, and I thank God for the beauty of His creation. I hope you don't slow down on your blogger too much through the winter as I check most every day to see if there is anything new. You can always post SNOW pics for me. :)

Susan in Pensacola

Kylee said...

Wow. I might just have to leave the car out of the garage just so I can take some frost pictures like that. They're so pretty!

Barbara said...

We already had some frosty days here in Switzerland. But I didn't manage to get as nice frost pictures as yours. Here all trees have lost their leaves. It is so good for the eyes to see your coloured leaves!!