Thursday, March 27, 2008

Indoor Growing Update

So far, all of my seedlings are doing well and I'm quickly running out of space on the shelves. The upstairs loft area has been a perfect location for growing plants. The combination of corner windows and overhead lights seems to be perfect too since all of my plants are growing straight and are filling out nicely. I just bought another light to put on the bottom shelf because it is time to transplant more seedlings.

The impatiens are getting too large and a few have tiny little buds. They really should be planted outside soon, that is, if it was already past the frost date. They grew faster this year than in 2007. I need to remember not to plant them as early next year.

I just checked and I started these on Feb. 5, last year they were started at the end of February and it took them a while to bloom once they were planted outside. They definitely did better and are healthier this year, but starting them in early February is too soon.

I've never grown liatris before, it grew much faster than I expected. They are so easy to grow from the little bulbs and they are inexpensive too. I planted three bulbs to a pot and now have six nice sized plants to add to the garden. The Butterflies and bees loved the small clump I already had and I'm very excited about adding a few more to my butterfly garden.

The Purple Wave petunias are growing well. Last year I had trouble with the lower leaves turning yellow, (probably from too much moisture), but so far, no problems this year.

Growing and propagating plants is a lot of fun for me, I love to learn new things and I like to experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

I'm a little embarrassed to tell what all I have growing inside right now, but here is the list any way. With a few notes to myself, (and you too, if interested).

Impatiens - Feb 5- 37 plants - Beginning to form buds. Start in late February 2009.
Petunias - Feb. 28- 40 plants- Need to transplant the other 34 in containers.
Balloon Flower Feb. 28 - a lot of them germinated- thin and transplant
Pansy- Feb. 28- 8 plants- transplant
Feathertop grass - Feb. 28- growing well
Hare's Tail grass - Feb. 28- growing well
Fountain Grass- Feb. 28- growing well
Scabiosa - Feb. 28- ? lost label and can't remember where they are.
Blue Flax- Feb. 28- Several- transplant
Bee Balm- Feb. 28- 10 plants- transplant
Irish eyes Rudbeckia- Feb. 28 - several germinated - transplant
Blanketflower Feb. 28- ?
Candy Mountain Foxglove Feb. 28- Several -thin and transplant

Liatris- 6 plants- Growing too quickly; in the future plant bulbs outside.
Larkspur- 12 plants so far- Recently germinated. Transplant soon.
Lilies- 6plants- Buds have formed, grew way too quickly, shouldn't grow these inside.
Hyssop- hundreds- Thin and transplant.
Lavender Hyssop- 17 plants - Transplant
Bonfire Salvia- 16-18 plants - still germinating- some ready to transplant.
Hollyhock Maroon- Some have germinated- didn't label well
Butterfly weed- growing well but didn't label - (Can't distinguish between butterfly plants)
Pink Butterfly plant - growing well but didn't label

Mallow pink beauty -March 12- a few are growing - transplant
Rudbeckia Maya - March 12- just germinating
Frost Hardy Geraniums - March 12- two have germinated - transplant

Coleus, March 22, hasn't germinated
Cilantro - Planted March 22, hasn't germinated
Parsley- Planted March 22, hasn't germinated
Mint- March 22, hasn't germinated
Dill- March 22, hasn't germinated
Roma tomato - March 22, a few are just beginning to germinate.
Tomato Super Sweet 100 - March 22, a few are just beginning to germinate.

Ranunculus - 20 bulbs- no growth because I planted them upside down, (post to follow).

This doesn't include what is being winter sown outside, or the many seed packets I still have, many of which I will direct sow.

Anybody want to volunteer to help me plant all of this?


Nancy J. Bond said...

I'd love to help, if I lived a tad closer. :) Looks like you're going to have a banner year in the garden.

Meems said...

Robin: Nothing to be embarrassed over... you have much to be proud of rather. I know I've said this before but your seed efforts are very impressive and show such amazing dedication.

I would love to help because by the time you get outside I'll be ready to come inside down here. Too bad I'm not closer when you need me. :-)

Can't wait to see all the wonderful blooms when once all these little fellows make it into the warm sunshine.
Meems @hoe&shovel

Vanillalotus said...

Great job with your seeds. I see nothing to be embarrassed over. I was surprised to the the hares tail grass because I was looking at that yesterday as seeds I wanted to buy. I can't wait to see your plans out in the garden.

Frances, said...

Robin, I would love to help, but maybe you could help me too? Way too many seedlings here also. A note about the balloon flower, I had some saved seeds in the shed from a white flower head,planted the lot and now have hundreds. Everytime I pluck out the biggest to repot, more germinate. If you save your seed when your blooms, you will be forever in balloon flowers. Love your set up with the lights and shelves, looks very efficient.
Frances at Faire Garden

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Gee Robin, I would help you if I lived close enough to pop over to help. It looks like you will need help. I can't wait to see how pretty all looks when planted. Your starting space does look ideal.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That is an impressive bunch of seedlings.

mon@rch said...

Wow, I can't believe you have time to blog after all the work you put into these plants!

Kerri said...

Robin, I'd join the planting party if I lived closer! Wouldn't we all get the work done so much quicker? Wow, that would be fun :)
Your seedlings look wonderful and I love your setup.
Ross put together a grow light for me this week so my plants are now growing straight up. I need several more but I'll have to make do with one.
You're going to have fabulous summer gardens!

beckie said...

Robin, at least you have planted. I have all the stuff, but haven't had time. Maybe this coming week things will slow down. Of course with the weather the way it is, it could be a good thing I haven't got anything growing yet. As I said to Lisa...stay dry. We are having rain-still and quite a little hail storm. Will have to see if there is any damage tomorrow.

Amy said...

I didn't know I could buy bulbs for liatris and start them at home! I'll have to look for these as I would love to have more of them.

garden girl said...

Robin, wow, that's a lotta plants! I'm very impressed. You've got a lot of planting to do. I'd love to help! Planting's my favorite garden task.

jodi said...

Me too, Robin; I'd gladly help if I were just a few thousand kilometres closer.
Why might you be embarrassed? I'm thrilled for you--and inspired too--because you obviously are having a great deal of fun, and that's what it's all about. I can't remember exactly when I started reading Robin's Nesting Place; probably late last summer as a result of 'meeting' you through another blogger's links, so I'm really looking forward to going through the gardening season with you and watching your place bloom.

SuzyQ said...

I like your seed set-up. I need something more like those shelves instead of the crowded folding table I am using right now - :( AND I need some growing lights.

verobirdie said...

You've got a very nice place for your seedlings! Congratulations on them.

Breanne said...

wow, that is a lot of plants - I see why you are running out of space!!

Karen said...

Wow! thats great you are having such great success with your seeds. I started some seed too early as well. I don't have much patience and just can't wait start them.