Tuesday, August 28, 2007

American Painted Lady

My butterfly garden is swarming with American painted ladies. Yesterday I had about 15-20 of them in my small garden. (Click on the picture above to enlarge it.) I must be easily amused and fascinated because it amazes me how the coloring can be so different on their wings. The wings seem so thin, yet the color is so different on the underside compared to the top.
A volunteer sunflower in the back yard near the bird feeder.

'Pinot Girgio' hibiscus, I love the pink blush around the white petals.
This grasshopper was hiding out in the moonflower.


Ki said...

Wonderful photos of the butterfly. It is quite interesting that the top of the wings have a much more vivid coloration than the bottom. This has been a great year for sighting butterflies but if they would only keep still until I take their picture...oh well.

Bev said...

Robin, we don't have many butterflies here, but we do have a lot of Painted Ladies. I love them. They particularly enjoy the annual verbenas, way into fall.

Catherine said...

I have enjoyed viewing your blog, and all your amazing photo's!!