Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The rain that we received over the last couple of days has renewed some gardening interest. I had to run a quick errand today, I hadn't planned on doing any shopping, but for some reason the car drove me to one of the home centers. I'm so glad I went! I had been wanting to get more of the Russian sage and I bought three. I planted my first one last fall and I have enjoyed it so much. It did great through the drought and of course I love anything purple. They had this beautiful hibiscus ('Pinot Grigio') with flowers almost the size of a dinner plate. I couldn't pass that up. I also bought three Fountain Grass Pennisetum Alopecuroides 'Red head'. What a long name! I do like the 'RedHead' part especially since my husband and two children are red heads. I have quite a few grasses already, but most of them have the feathery blooms and they are O.K. but I love the plumes. They made me happy during the winter, and not much can make me happy about winter. These were on sale for $10.00 so I bought $30.00 worth of winter happiness today. It was an investment purchase.
I got this little gardening apron, for a couple of dollars, while my mom was here on one of our shopping excursions. I used it today for the first time. It has really deep pockets, great for my camera, garden scissors, (used for dead heading), and my gloves, ( I use latex gloves and sometimes need several pairs while I'm working).

I got the three grasses planted today, but it was so humid I couldn't stay out. Hopefully in the morning I'll get the rest planted.

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