Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Monarch

I spent some time this afternoon sitting by an open window and watching the activity in my butterfly/hummingbird garden. How exciting to see so many different creatures in my garden! I took a lot of pictures, but right now as I'm preparing this blog post we are getting a thunderstorm along with some lightening so I better make this post brief and only show the monarch pictures tonight. I'm so thankful we are getting this much needed rain, things were so dry today. I started to water but didn't, I'm really glad I made that choice now.
This verbena bonariensis is by far the most popular thing in my garden. I don't think I'll deadhead these and just let them drop seed.

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shirl said...

Hi again, Robin

How lovely to see your beautiful butterflies :-) Hope the thunderstorm didn't do any damage to your garden.

This morning is bright and sunny here and I spotted the small tortoiseshell in my garden at my verbena bonariensis - I didn't have my camera.

It is great that the plants we have in our garden attract wildlife isn't it?

The last three nights we have spotted a hedgehog visiting ours - it now seems to be enjoying the sultanas I put out after its first visit. This is a new regular visitor for us - it is wonderful to be able to see it. I set up my video camera and caught it on film :-)