Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been a very patient gardener so far this winter. Last year I wasn't patient and started some seeds as early as February 5th which was way too early for my zone 5 garden. I'm getting antsy to start sowing and will probably begin in the next few days.

Just out of curiosity, I counted my seed packets tonight and so far there are 52, including the ones I collected from my own flower garden. I'm sure I'll be buying more when I go to the Indy Flower and Patio show in a few days. Most of them are zinnias, cosmos and sunflower seeds which will be directly sown in the ground. I can't have too many of those in the garden.

Of course Libby had to get right in the middle of things.

She plopped down on the seeds and began to play with the string on my pajamas. Silly cat!

I had to change my RSS feeds due to the changes with Feedburner and Blotanical. This stuff confuses me and I almost have to do it with my eyes closed because I'm so afraid I'll mess something up. I hope it doesn't cause problems with anyone. Please let me know if something isn't working right.


Aerie-el said...

Have fun at the Flower & Patio Show! There was a vendor at the Seattle F & Garden Show who gave out sunflower seeds--very fun! They are so ... sunny! And we can use all of that we can in Seattle. :)
No trouble or problems with the change-over in your feed here.

Ewa said...

I remember, I was admiring you last year, that you have the nerve to nest all these seedlings for many weeks :)
I was also thinking, that I am not so good gardener, if I haven't got any at that time for my 6zone garden :)
now you say you were too early and I am laughing while thinking, that everything is relative.

Gardeness said...

I'm impressed by all the seeds you collected. Also, you always have such wonderful birds in your garden. Do you plant mostly flowers that will attract them or do you rely on bird feeders throughout spring and summer?

Frances said...

Hi Robin, like Ewa I was impressed with your seed starting success last year. You were my inspiration to get the light set up and do it right. Your saved seeds are so neat and tidy in those little packets, why aren't mine all in the same type of container? HA What a joy your garden will be with the zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers, the birds will just love them, not to mention the flutterbys! :-) You have been most patient, is it time yet to begin?

Daphne said...

Those seeds look so nice. I'm starting about 50 different varieties too, though mostly vegetables. I too will have sunflowers and cosmos, but not any zinnias. I keep telling myself to try them again. I only tried them one year and they just didn't grow. Cosmos seemed so much easier.

Carol said...

Hi Robin, I'm glad I'm not the only one with seed fever here in Zone 5. I'll start my first seeds in another one to two weeks, mostly tomatoes, peppers, eggplant for the vegetable garden. Like you I also haveflower seeds (and lots of veggie seeds) to direct sow outside later in May. I'm hoping this year to go to the Flower & Patio show and I'm sure I'll find a few packets of seed to buy there, too.

Gosh it is good to finally have February behind us!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can open youre eyes now, all seems to be working as usual for me Robin. tee hee Your collection of seeds is looking mighty good right now. I too am chomping at the bit to get out into the garden. It won't be long now.

ginger said...

I'm getting inspired to go find some flower seeds... I haven't ever sown flower seeds before. I keep checking for my daffodils, but haven't seen them coming up yet. I'm ready for some color!

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

A lot of wonderful seeds. I'm also trying to wait a few more days here in zone 7 before starting my seeds.

Your feed must be working, since I came the Blotanical route this morning.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Robin ! .. Seeds are packages of "hope" aren't they ? .. I'm not good with them but that is the feeling I get when I see seed packs !
I love that Libby has her way with them for a while .. perhaps she can spot the ones that are not quite up to snuff for you ? LOL
Nice post girl !

Dave said...

I don't know about up there but around here we are headlong into seed starting season. With weather about to warm up to 70's this weekend spring is definitely on its way! Good luck with your seed planting, your kitty seems like good help!

Janet said...

Robin, good for you to have collected the seeds from your blooms last year. I let mine go to the birds this we shall see if any got dropped and will sprout on their own this season. The bunnies ate my sunflowers last year. :(

Diana said...

Robin -- That's a vry pretty collection of seeds ... no wonder they've got you antsy. Spring is just around the corner. (Our corner is just a little closere than yours, though!) We're coming to Indiana for Spring break and I know I will be in for a temperature shock!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Aerie-el: Thanks for letting me know that there are no problems with the feed. I'm so relieved! I'm looking forward to the F&P show, it is like a day of spring vacation for me.

Ewa: I love nurturing the seeds during the winter. By this time of year I'm desperate to garden.

Gardeness: I do supplement with bird feeders during the year, especially winter, but I also try to plant things that will attract them to the garden.

Frances: I got the little plastic zip-lock bags in the craft dept. jewelry section. Before, I used snack-sized zip-lock bags. I think I'll start in the next few days. I'm so ready!

Daphne: I wish I had a veggie garden, but right now I'm just doing flowers and a few herbs. There were some zinnias that didn't grow well for me last year, but the most common varieties usually do very well. I'm glad to because they are butterfly magnets.

Carol: I usually buy Thompson seeds from a vendor there. I wish I had space for a vegetable garden.

Lisa: I'm glad it is working properly, I can breath easier now. It's 14 degrees now, and I am ready for some warm weather. It was funny that my family in Alabama had snow yesterday. I was thankful it was them and not us.

Ginger:I saw some green from the daffodils peeking through the ground a few days ago. Once you sow seeds, you'll probably be hooked. It is sow easy and sow much fun!

Cameron: I'm glad to know the Blotanical feed is working too! All is right with my little world now.

Joy: Libby usually is right in the middle of whatever I'm doing, especially if it involves paper of any kind. For some reason she loves to lay on paper.
Yes, seeds are packages of hope. A small price to pay for such big returns.

Dave: 70's sounds like bliss to me. I'm ready to feel that sun on my face!

Janet: I like to experiment with different seeds from the garden. Sometimes they grow for me and sometimes they don't. Too bad the bunnies ate your sunflowers. The goldfinches ate mine, but that is what I planted them for. I hope to have plenty this year to use for my winter bird feeder wreaths.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are ready! Now all you need is the weather to cooperate! Mother Nature is asleep at the wheel here in VA! I missed the Washington Garden Show and I had meant to get there:( I have picked up a ton of seeds, rhizomes, bulbs, etc. and went a little over the top I think--it's from looking at all the garden bloggers pages and getting too many ideas!!!!!

Gail said...

Robin, Don't you just love looking at your seed packets! Even covered with Libby they are gorgeous. I think it's the promise they represent~ blooms and food. I can hear the spring birds out side! Have a good day.


Rosella said...

Robin, Libby is just trying to warm those seeds so they will grow well! Catzes is soooo helpful! I have seed fever too, but since I'm in Z7 I can count on putting things out earlier than you can. I'm not sure I could survive 4 -- I would probably expire of impatience.

Your pictures are beautiful! A joy to look at on this cold and snowy morning (6 inches of the white stuff overnight, drat it!)

Barbarapc said...

You can never have enough seeds. I say 52 is a good start. While my naughty kittie Hercules seems to be content to just watch me fiddle with my seed packages, he's taken a real shine to my plant tags. Yanks them out of the pots on the light table and goes for a spin. Bad kittie.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Ahhh, spring! Seeds are everything. They are life! I can never have too many seeds, and I'm glad to meet another seed hoarder. My kitty is a big help too. (:

Kathryn/ said...

Everything is fine. We all go through changes when we have to adjust to any new technologies. You are not alone! Happy planting!

Mary said...

Seeds! I have not even thought about them. Well, actually, I have but I haven't been shopping for them yet.

That's what I missed about cats. The way they touch things. Their patience amazes me. You can see them thinking...

joey said...

All is fine, Robin ~ as always, a joy to visit your nest.

Creative Country Mom said...

Lol... I am right there with ya. I did put out poppy seed, but mine are all on the dining room table. ORGANIZED, in piles... with hand written notes. Oh my.... Can't wait to see if we end up with anything!


Anonymous said...

Me too Robin! I have at least that many seed packets and love the Zinnias. Have fun buying more. I can't stop. I do remember you planted to early last year.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote a post about collecting seeds when I was a boy. I am always surprised when I find something who thought the same kind of thoughts I thought.

The blog is not really open to the public yet... I only have two or three posts up. I do it on my laptop until I fall asleep. You can see I sleep most of the time.


Bren said...

We have so much in common.... even the kitty! I have two dark tigers like your baby. ANYWAYS... this morning before I saw your blog photos I took photos of my dirt / containers/ seeds and garden tote. I am gonna have to be VERY CREATIVE to make my entry different from yours. :-) LOVE IT!!!!