Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Praying Mantis

I've seen several praying mantis on my Japanese maples, but I had never seen them eating anything, until today. I spotted this one eating a beetle, at first I thought it was eating a ladybug, but after doing a bit of searching on the net, this beetle looked like a cucumber beetle. I've seen these beetles on my purple coneflowers; they are yellow with black spots and they have elongated bodies. It was so cool to finally catch one eating!

Here is the lamppost project I did the night before my trip. I still have to add some soil and amendments, and tidy up the back edges, and I'm still thinking about what else to plant. Since we're so far into the summer, I'm not quite sure what to do.


Pam/Digging said...

Really nice mantis pictures.

cyndi in alabama said...

Love your project!!

Would you believe I actually have some color finally in my front yard?! I planted some impatiens and vinca in my front planters. I know... one is shade and one is sun... I'm hoping there's enough shade for the impatiens and enough sun for the vinca. :-) I might lose one or the other but it looks good right now LOL. The lantana is blooming again at the mailbox, too-- yea!

Annie in Austin said...

Those are amazing shots, Robin! And they show off your lovely maple leaves, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Ewwwwwwww, praying mantis having a snack. Yuck!

Excellent pics though Robin!

Carolyn gail said...

Hi Robin,

Love the ornamental grasses. Some Cone Flowers and 'Autumn Joy' Sedum would be nice in this bed.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thanks, Pam

Cyndi, good for you! You have such a great place for flowers. Daylilies and daisies are easy and pretty carefree; they would look great along the fence in the back,(inside or outside).

Annie and Yolanda Elizabet, thank you both, I'm so glad you stopped by.

Carolyn Gail, I love grasses too. Thank you for your suggestions on new lightpost area.

jodi said...

These are phenomenal photos, Robin. I've never seen a praying mantis for real--I don't think they live in my part of Nova Scotia. This is fascinating. I enjoy your blog when I get a chance to stop and read it.

Marci said...

I LOVE the praying mantis picture!!

I wish you lived in Ohio near me. The front of your house is beautiful!!! I would have you come help me with mine. As far as what else to plant, how about some mums that will bloom into fall?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Marci, thank you. I wish I lived near you, I'm not sure how much help I would be, but it would be fun to try.
I love mums in the fall, and I do plan on getting some yellow ones for the area around the light post. Were on the same page with that one!

Connie said...

I had the same problem with mantis in my garden. Why can't they stick with yucky bugs?

Last year the bloomington paper ran a article about certain ones killing hummers. (I think it was called a chinese ???