Saturday, July 7, 2007

There's not much going on around Robin's Nesting Place right now. I've just been dead heading, weeding and trying to keep things alive, not too exciting. Yesterday while I was sitting on the patio swing I heard a raucous at the bird feeder, when I turned I saw a black cat in my yard with a sparrow in it's mouth. I was so sad that my bird feeder was a trap for the bird, now I'm hesitant to fill the feeders. Not only that, but the neighbor behind me has the large shrubs where the birds stay and he keeps spraying for Japanese beetles. I'm not sure if that harms the birds, but my bird population is declining. Hopefully they've moved to a safer place.

I bought four of the Raspberry Surprise dianthus, three of them are like the one below and one of them has a completely different flower. They must have mislabeled it. I like it and probably would have bought it anyway. Maybe that's the surprise.


Carol said...

Those dianthus are very pretty, and different.

So far, I've not noticed my neighbors spraying for beetles around here. They have not been so bad this year, I think. Maybe the weird winter weather killed some of the grubs?

Pretty quiet around here, too. Too hot to do much after mid-morning until evening. I'm just waiting for my first ripe tomato...

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

I have a raspberry surprise (?) dianthus like the one odd one you have pictured above, not the one below that you have 3 of. I truly wonder what it is? I agree, it is mislabeled because I have not been able to find a pic of one under the rapsberry surprise label. If you ever find out please contact me! ;)