Monday, July 9, 2007

White River at Potter's Bridge

My son and I went to the river today to see how low the water was due to our lack of rain. We have seen this area severely flooded several times, but this was our first time to see the water levels this low.

Two guys were in the middle of the river attempting to fish, I watched them walk all the way across and it was only ankle deep most of the way.

It was so odd to see these two standing in the middle of the river.

This interesting tree trunk is normally under water, there isn't much left of it and I'm surprised it is still standing.


Jen Unsell said...

Beautiful pictures Robin! Houston loves that tree trunk!

Carol said...

I can't believe how low the river is. It's barely a creek!

Annie in Austin said...

Hopefully, the cycle will turn and you'll get rain, Robin. A few years ago Lake Travis was so low that archaeologists were going nuts trying to quickly find and record things that had been underwater. Great photo of that tree, BTW.

Our lakes refilled - may yours do the same very soon!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Naturegirl said...

These photos are so serene even though the water level is low.We certainly appreciate our ~water resources~ when we see images like this! That tree trunk is so interesting!

We are on a *water restriction* in my area but I hand water and water and keep the garden flourishing!!

I LoVe Lilly and Libby pictured at your sidebar!!Thank you for introducing yourself to me! Nice meeting new folks! hugs NG