Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Shipshewana, IN

Shipshewana is one of my favorite places in the great state of Indiana to visit. I love the simplicity of the Amish people, I love to buy their well made goods and shop in the unique and interesting stores where they shop. I was thrilled when my neighbor and friend Suzanne invited me to go along with her on an overnight trip. We had a great time and did quite a bit of power shopping.
These first two pictures were taken at one of my favorite stores, E & S Sales, it's an Amish bulk grocery store. It is quite unique, because they order things in bulk and package them in clear plastic bags. The majority of the items do not have the manufacturer's label on them. I'm not a member of a co-op so this is where I buy my wheat and other grains. The prices are very reasonable due to bulk pricing, so I also try to stock up on spices, dry beans and various other items.

Another popular form of Amish transportation is bicycles; it is not unusual at all to see the elderly Amish women riding bicycles to and from town.

I thought the store front of this building was pretty. The flowers all around the downtown area were so pretty.
An Amish farm, (the picture was taken from the car at 40 mph). I'd love to go back again some time soon when it's not such a quick trip and get better pictures of the farms and barns. Most Amish people do not like to be photographed so I always try to be considerate and never take a picture of their faces.

A beautiful, huge hibiscus. There were several vendors selling plants at the flea market. There were some beautiful shrubs and perennials.

I saw several people with their pampered pets at the flea market. These three Yorkies got quite a bit of attention; they were so cute in their puppy stroller.

This was a very popular spot for the old and young alike. These Amish people make homemade ice cream using this machine. Yesterday they were serving vanilla and butter pecan. I love ice cream, it is my weakness, so of course I had to have a scoop, O.K. I had two scoops. I had the butter pecan and it was the very best ice cream I've ever eaten.

A nursery was selling perennials for $1.00 each. Of course I came prepared to buy a few plants. I saved the box that my bottled water had come in, I pulled the bottles out and kept the plastic on it. It made a perfect tray for plants.
I bought two 'Astra Pink' balloon flowers, 'Royal Wedding Oreintal poppy, 'Goldstrum' Rudbeckia Black-eyed Susan, 'Goblin' Blanket flower, 'Beauty of Livermore' Oriental poppy, two baby's breath.

I also bought some Japanese blood grass. The man from the nursery said this is the only perennial red grass in zone 5.

I found this picket fence section for $4.95, I want to use it for my fall decorations. I just have to decide where to put it.


Connie said...

What, no birdhouses? :-) That fence is so shabby cool!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Connie, I saw plenty of pretty birdhouses but they were shiny and new looking, I really wanted something with a weathered look, like the fence.

Carol said...

Looks like you had a very good trip, with many new plants to show for it. Indiana is a great state, isn't it?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

vonlafin said...

I love Shipshewana! My husband has never been there for the auction or the flea market, so we are heading there sometime this Fall, probably in September. I can't wait!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Carol, Indiana is a great state. I love it up here.

Vonlafin, I've never participated in the auction before,I've only walked through the building. They have so many interesting items. Maybe on the next trip up I can do the auction.

cyndi in alabama said...

I am so glad you had such a great time... I'm only a LITTLE green-- LOL.

I don't know if vonlafin will see this, but the auction is also *loads* of fun... just be sure and be prepared for an all day event. They have at least 9 or 10 going on at one time so it's pretty crazy. I didn't end up getting anything at the auction when I went b/c I either missed the item or didn't want to go as high as the price. It's kinda tricky if there's something you want at different spots. Definitely worth the trip!!

Talk to you later!

Kylee said...

It's been a few years since I've been to Shipshe and now you make me want to go again! It's a fun place!

Bev said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. I've never seen that part of the country and found it very interesting. Would love to see it first hand, and eat some of that ice cream. Yummmm!

Your fence would look lovely with some morning glories.