Monday, July 16, 2007

Indiana Sweet Corn

I'm trying to eat healthier and also eating more local produce. Eating locally is a good way to increase the nutritional value of our food. When foods are shipped from long distances they are usually picked before they are fully ripened and as soon as they are picked they begin to loose nutrition. A garden and fruit trees of my own would be the ideal but I don't have that, so in the summer I try to buy as much as I can from my local farmer's market.

The pineapple is not local but the rest of the vegetables and blueberries are and I also bought raw honey from a local beekeeper.

Indiana is corn country, it is the second largest producer of popcorn. So, all around where I live are corn and soybean fields. Indiana sweet corn is the best.
Here is something I recently learned from Natalia Rose, in her book The Raw Food Detox Diet, when corn is eaten raw it is not considered a starch but a vegetable. I had never heard that before. Everyone in my family loves raw corn, we all agree that raw tastes better than cooked corn. It is wonderful to cut off the cob and eat on a salad. You really don't need dressing when you do this either because the sweet milk of the corn is like a dressing. Yum! Does anyone else
eat their corn raw?


Bev said...

Well, I've not heard of that but you can bet I'm going to try it! That corn looks delicious. Wish I had some here.

Carol said...

I'm going to try raw corn, too, if I get a few decent ears of corn from my little patch of sweet corn.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

And I thought Iowa was corn have not tried it raw but I will, how could it not be a vegetable in it's raw state, I don't understand that. Beautiful photo of the corn, it could be in a food magazine.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Iowa gardening woman, according to Natalia Rose, corn, in its raw state is considered a vegetable, when it's cooked it is considered a starch. I'm guessing that cooking changes the molecular structure thereby increasing the starch content. I also read that as soon as sweet corn is picked the sugar starts changing to starch. Most diabetics, (my mom is one), are told to limit starches in their diets. If it is true that fresh raw corn is not considered a starch then it could be enjoyed by diabetics.

Susan's Stuff said...

I remembering visiting my Grandmother, Aunt & Uncle, and cousins in Iowa when I was a child and them serving all of their garden vegetables RAW. The corn was so sweet and delicious and the "milk" ran down our chins. I remember that all of these years later. I LOVE your blog, Robin, and your photography is phenomenal.


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Thank you, Susan. I've become a big fan of raw corn, it's so sweet and juicy.