Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the Garden at Sunset.

                                        Bee Balm

I've enjoyed the mild summer weather these last few days. I slipped outside after supper this evening to walk around the yard and take a few pictures.

After the drought conditions we had last year, I am thankful for the hardy plants that returned.

                                 Shasta Daisy
Because I haven't mulched in about three years, the seeds have been able to freely germinate. The garden has become crowded with daisies, echinacea, anise hyssop, verbena bonariensis, black-eyed Susans and weeds! I'll be busy this fall transplanting many of those new plants in other parts of the garden.

I'll also be transplanting some of them in the rain garden that I have been working on in our neighborhood common area. We haven't accomplished much because we, (my son, husband and me), are digging it out ourselves and every time it rains it fills with water and takes days to dry out. Hopefully we can get it finished by next weekend, at least that is my goal.

As I was walking around the garden this evening I noticed the damselfly on the fennel, (which has also freely propagated everywhere).

I didn't have the zoom lens on my camera but he/she patiently posed for me allowing me to get surprisingly  close with the camera.

They are amazing creatures!

I have been so excited about the wonderful response to my potting table. I can't believe the traffic it generated to my blog,  literally well over a thousand specific visits!  Thank you for the sweet comments that were left on my blog from those who visited to see it. I was very excited to have it featured again on Sunday by another of my favorite blogs:

Thank you, Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality for featuring my potting table!

southern hospitality


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had a little blue damsel of some sort in our garden the other day. I didn't have my camera. :( I really like these shots. Isn't it fun to find all the bugs in the garden?..

NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful photographs. Our bee balm is red and is really growing in profusion this year.

Patsi said...

Always like and light is more relaxing.
That bench is way too cool.
Reminds me of some over due projects.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Your pictures have a crispness and beauty about them that I love.The Damselfly is particularly well done.

Jayne said...

Your photos are beautiful Robin. Isn't sunset a wonderful time for photography? The light is just perfect. Well done on the damselfly photos, especially without a zoom!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, So glad to get home and back to blogging. We did have a fabulous trip--but home is pretty nice also!!!!!

Beautiful pictures.... We have had quite a bit of rain here too this summer. Everything is nice and green ---but the weeds grew like crazy while we were gone....ha

Congrats on the response to your potting table.

Jennifer said...

That potting table is just lovely...looks like a magazine photo!

Rosemary said...

What a lovely walk at sunset so much is happening!

Bluebell Woods said...

beautiful pictures, I especially like the dragon fly and Chickadee. Beautiful creatures