Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Miscellany - Flora, Fauna and Free

So far this spring it has been quite rainy and cool. After hearing from my friends down south who haven't been getting much rain and after our drought conditions last summer, I'm not complaining about it. It has however had an affect on our bee and butterfly population. Last year was pretty hot and dry and I saw more butterflies than ever before. I have yet to see a butterfly in the garden.

The robins have been busy nesting, but they are not very prolific this spring. So far around the neighborhood, I've seen quite a few nests with missing baby birds, (hopefully they fledged the nest but they seemed too young for that), and I've seen a number of eggs that didn't hatch.

This nest was beside my house, in a small tree. Only one of the four eggs hatched.

The day after I took this picture, the baby robin was gone. I've seen the hawks flying around, I hope they aren't getting the babies.

I have daisies in bloom right now...

and black-eyed Susans.

I love this color of hollyhock, but for some reason the pests seem to always do a number on the leaves and they never look very attractive.

The downy woodpeckers have nested nearby.  From my kitchen window, I watched the father feeding peanuts to his son.

We have a new visitor here at Robin's Nesting Place. One that I'm not particularly excited about. I had a lot of these little guys at my home in Alabama and they are quite a nuisance. He sure is cute though!

He sat on the wall and watched me while I was reading on the patio.

Here is a dragonfly on the neighbor's fence. I haven't seen too many of those this spring either.

The chickadee's have nested in my birdhouse and have already fledged. I was able to see the little ones the day they fledged; they were so cute! Now there is a very loud wren building his nest in the box, singing his little heart out. I hope the female chooses to nest here.

I was so excited to have my potting bench featured on one of my favorite blogs, Better After! Thank you, Lindsey!

I am busy now working on a dining table and chairs that I got FREE on Craigslist! I can't wait to get it finished!


Cameron said...

Robin - you certainly have captured the critters on camera! Perhaps the butterflies will show up soon. We start out with many, now there are few and we're having extreme heat and no rain. Has me concerned.

Your potting bench is gorgeous! You have exquisite taste in decorating.

Patricia said...

STUNNING photos, Robin. It's been a different season for us, too, including the weather. We aren't experiencing typical weather patterns, and we've noticed several changes in the flora and fauna we see here in Pollywog Creek, as well.

Darla said...

Beautiful captures as always. The critters are a little scarce this year around here too. Looking forward to seeing how fab your table turns out...still swooning over the potting bench!

A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Robin, I have not seen many bees around our garden, only bumblebees. The robins are nesting at side of the house and are on their second family. Love your potting bench. Let us see the table and chairs when you complete them. Take care.

nancybond said...

All Nature is flourishing in your garden, that's for sure. Your potting bench and table are wonderful projects!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pretty flowers on your yard.That table and chairs will be wonderful,I'm sure.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know your talent for turning the used and abused into something beautiful. When you work your magic this table and chairs will be wonderful.