Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Birdbath

Most of us put away our birdbaths during the winter months since concrete, ceramic and clay birdbaths can crack and break when the water freezes. However the birds still need water during winter for drinking and bathing.

My solution is a large plastic plant saucer filled with rocks. I take steaming hot water out each morning and pour it into the birdbath. Almost as soon as I go inside the birds are drinking and if the temperatures are more moderate they will bathe.

Eventually the water will freeze again, but at least the birds can get water for a while each morning. Sometimes if it freezes too quickly I will melt the ice again. As you can see from the two collages, a variety of birds take advantage of the winter birdbath.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Water is very important to birds especially in cold weather. They have to keep their feathers clean to keep themselves warm. I use a bucket heater that farmers use to keep one of my water features thawed during these cold times. Great photos.

Stiletto said...

You are such a kind soul to these birds; so caring of their welfare and well being.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Robin, reading your two last posts have reminded me that we have to do something about both, water, and the birds hitting the glass.

We have drawn the blinds and hopefully that will help, it breaks my heart when the birds hit the windows.

And we have to get some sort of watering system going outside for the birds, it's just very cold here.


debsgarden said...

Great idea! The birds seem to appreciate it very much!

Jayne said...

Great photos Robin. Good idea about using the plastic saucers as birdbaths.