Thursday, October 18, 2007

Butterflies on Zinnias

Yesterday my zinnias were covered with American painted lady butterflies, the most I've ever seen at one time. I'm not sure if they were migrating south and just stopped here on their way or if they had just recently emerged. They were very calm and didn't fly away when I got close, in fact I was able to get the camera within inches of them.

What a wonderful treat to be this close to so many butterflies. I will most definitely plant masses of zinnias again next summer.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I had not realised that zinnias attract so many butterflies. Lovely pics Robin, as per usual! ;-)

shirl said...

Hi again, Robin :-)

Great Painted Lady pics. I love the one showing the underside of the wing - I think it is prettier than the top :-D

Funnily enough I was out taking photos of butterflies today too. I finally got some shots of the Red Admiral :-)

Connie said...

Beautiful shots! I love Zinnias and butterflies do, too.

Ki said...

The first photo of the butterfly is just stunning. Great patterning on the wings.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I'd wondered what these were in my garden. Thought they were moths. Thanks!