Thursday, October 25, 2007

Warning! Close-up of the Underside of a Spider

I put the picture of the bee on the zinnia here first just to give warning to those who wouldn't want to see an up-close picture of the underside of a spider. My husband, who hates to even look at things like this, has warned me that I'll run people off if I keep showing creepy insect pictures. I personally find all creatures fascinating even if they are creepy, though I do agree that some things are very difficult for me to look at too.

I thought this picture was just too interesting not to share.

This spider was on the sliding glass doors. I hate spiders too and I think they are creepy, but I had my camera in my hand and was on my way outside to take pictures. I had never gotten a really good look at the underside of a spider before. I have a lot of friends who homeschool and I thought their boys might enjoy this shot. For those who are brave enough, click to enlarge.


Bek said...

Great picture! I don't like spiders either, but they don't bother me if they are "not real". Insects can be very fascinating, especially once you see close-up pictures.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I really enjoy insects as long as they aren't on me. I get real squeemish if they get on me. Spiders are really amazing creatures. The picture you show is great. You can see where the spider had started a web or else he was attaching a life line to the window in case he slips off the window.

Carol said...

Thanks for the warning! I think it is just the polite thing to do on a blog, warn people if you have posted pictures of creepy spiders.

This one didn't bother me so much. I had a spider like that hanging in a web on a tree. I caught sight of it while I was mowing and was VERY careful when I had to mow around that tree!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens