Monday, October 1, 2007

Free Mulch

The city of Noblesville is wonderful community to live in for so many reasons. Recently there was a book published that ranked Noblesville in the top ten best places in the U.S. to raise a family. Today I enjoyed one of the perks of living in this grand community; I visited my local recycle center and I got free hardwood mulch. I've taken advantage of this several times and love that it is offered here.

The mulch today wasn't that great because it had a lot of dirt in it along with white stuff that looked to me like perilite . It was exactly what I needed though for a particular area along the side of my backyard. This area really needed some additional dirt since it is hard clay, and I had wanted to raise the planting area a bit too. This mixture should decompose very nicely and enrich the clay soil. I just hope it isn't going to be full of weeds.

I had saved all of the large lastic containers that my trees and shrubs came in and this is what we put our mulch in, along with a plastic Rubbermaid container and a couple of large garbage cans. We made two trips and I still need a lot more mulch. This is when a truck would come in handy, but my SUV will have to do for now. A few years ago my neighbor and I rented a U-Haul truck and we filled it with mulch and split it between our homes; that was quite a job.

I moved a couple of grasses around today. I hated to disturb them because they were doing so well, but that was also why they needed to be moved. We decided they might get too big for space they were in. I actually like them better in their new spot, and I hope they will like it as well too. Speaking of grasses, they are really beautiful right now since they are in full bloom. It was windy today and I loved seeing their feathery blooms swaying in the breeze.

I can't seem to get motivated to buy new plants right now, since we are still not getting enough rainfall. Last fall I planted so many shrubs, trees and perennials and had planned to plant a few more this year as well. Maybe the mood will strike soon because I did enjoy so much being outside and working in the yard today. It was a cloudy and cool, a perfect day for laboring in the yard.

Now that I've rested and had a little snack, I'm off to get my smelly self cleaned up so I can sit with my family at the dinner table without being offensive.


Kylee said...

Did I know you lived in Noblesville before? We've been there a few times, because some friends of ours lived there! We've lost touch over the years :-( so I don't know if they still live there, but they have a daughter named Kylee. :-)

That's great about the free mulch! Do they end up getting rid of all that they make?

Yolanda Elizabet said...

How nice to get free mulch. You can never have too much mulch! The under-gardener has been making a lot of it these last few weekends but we still need more. We want mulch, we want mulch! :-)

Carol said...

Free mulch is nice. Here in Indianapolis we don't get free mulch, that I know of. They will pick up leaves placed separately from the trash and they supposedly compost that but I think they use it all in the parks or something like that. Anyway, no free mulch but they did just raise our local taxes again!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where you got the free mulch? My wife and I are looking to get some free mulch but don't know where to go or who to contact. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Anonymous, the mulch is beside the new Humane Society in Noblesville, (which is beside the 4H grounds). It is behind the Recycle center.

scenic said...

Do they have the free mulch back this year?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

They didn't have it in the fall. I'm not sure if they have it now.