Monday, October 8, 2007

Extreme Weather Continues

In June I had a post regarding the weather extremes we had experienced since autumn of last year, those weather extremes are continuing with record breaking October heat. Here is a quote from the WISH TV weather:

"ANOTHER RECORD HIGH! The temperature in Indianapolis reached 90 Sunday afternoon...marking a record for this date (old record 87, 1916) & tying the warmest October high ever. This is only the 3rd 90-degree day in the month of October (and latest ever) since record keeping began in 1871!!! That means, of the more than 4200 days in October in the last 136 years...hitting 90 in the month has happened less than 1% of the time!!!"


Carol said...

Relief should come tomorrow. Hooray!

Annie in Austin said...

My sympathies, Robin - we've been in Austin for 8 years and it seems all we do is break records, too.

The funny part is that when you're already close to a record, you sort of hope it will get worse and the previous numbers will crack and fall.

When you're already miserable what's one more degree?

Your weather looks quite nice today!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose