Saturday, October 6, 2007

Potters Bridge

My son and I walked several times this week at Potters Bridge. I love this place in the fall when the leaves are turning. Some of them are beginning to turn and fall now. I love to come here when the leaves are at their peak and take fall pictures of my children by the river, there is a perfect spot for doing this. This year the river is really low and the leaves are very dry, so, I'm not so sure it will be as pretty as it was last year.

Today is around 90 degrees and it feels like summertime. Several fall festivals are going on today, but with it being so hot it is hard for me to get in the mood for a fall festival. I stopped by the farmer's market this morning on my way to the nursing home to visit and feed my m-i-l, and it was just too hot to enjoy the mums and pumpkins that were being sold. I went away empty handed. The temperature is supposed to be 90 on Monday and then drop to 60 on Wednesday. Next Saturday is the last farmer's market of the season, so hopefully the cooler weather will entice me enough to at least decorate my front porch for the autumn season that I love so much.


* * * For a Fair Deal * * * said...
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Anonymous said...

Robin, it's amazing that you guys are hotter there than we are here in Pensacola. We never did hit 100 this summer, and our current highs are in the mid-80's. I hope you get the cooler weather that is predicted for mid-week. It will cool down here in another month or so. We don't have the lovely autumn colors here and that is my only complaint about living 20 minutes from the beach. Enjoy a breath of your soon-to-arrive cold air for me, okay? ~~Susan

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

It has been unusually warm in Iowa as well, in fact we have had the air on for 3 days. I am anxious for it to cool off. Lovely bridge.

My best friend of over 55 years was a Potter.