Saturday, October 13, 2007

Scenes of Autumn

I finally got into the Autumn decorating mood today and purchased some things for my front porch. The basket was bought at a garage sale several years ago and never really used, so I thought I'd turn it over and fill it with pumpkins and gourds.
The mums were bought a week ago, just waiting for me to do something with them. I had planned to buy yellow mums but these were so pretty, of course I'm always a sucker for purple or pink.

I stopped for the first time today at Spencer's You Pick Farm and was pleasantly surprised. I had seen their you pick blueberry signs and wanted to go this year but never got around to it. Now that I know where it is, I plan to stock up on blueberries next year, maybe strawberries too.

Spencer's had several nicely decorated places for family fall pictures.

I bought several gourds and my Indian corn here.
This pumpkin display was at Salsbery Brothers where I bought my tree, a bale of hay, dried cornstalks and small pumpkins.

The white barn, (I wish it had been red), was near Spencer's farm, I'm not sure but think it is part of their farm.
I love to take fall pictures, especially pictures of pumpkins.


Kylee Baumle said...

Oh Robin, what gorgeous fall pictures you've taken! Those pumpkins and mums are just fabulous. I don't usually decorate around the house much for fall, but seeing these pictures makes me want to!

Anonymous said...

Great fall pictures. We went to a similar place today and stocked up on a few pumpkins and pots of mums. (No mum snobbery here!) We've had less humidity and deep blue skies---it's definitely feeling more fallish here too.

Connie said...

Your fall decorated porch looks great! I enjoyed your other photos as well....what nice place to shop.
Red barns are nice but I think that white looks fresh and lovely.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Kylee, thanks. I love fall and usually decorate a little bit with pumpkins, gourds, mums and pumpkin spice scented candles.

Pam/digging, our skies have been gray for the last several days, I love those deep blue skies and hope we have more of those this week. It isn't fall without mums to me.

Connie: Thank you. For some reason I just love the look of a rustic looking red barn in a country setting.

Shirley said...

Hi again, Robin

What a treat to see all your Fall/Halloween displays. Please keep posting them :-)

I always enjoy seeing these displays especially as my daughter was born on October 31st :-D

Carol Michel said...

What a wonderful fall display you put together. I've bought a few of those bushel baskets at garage sales, myself, and am always looking for ways to use them.