Monday, October 8, 2007

Morning Glory Farm

Across the street from this farm is a corn field that is covered in morning glories. I'm not sure how this occurred, whether the farmer planted the morning glories with the corn or if they just grew naturally. The corn field across the street doesn't have any, so I'm thinking he must plant them on purpose. It is quite stunning to see a field of morning glories.


Anonymous said...

Robin, the "red barn" pic is gorgeous. And the morning glories in the corn field, how interesting! Thanks for sharing your slice of mid-western life with me. My dad was born and raised in Iowa and never got that part of the country out of his system. I hope your weather cools down as was predicted. It's crazy that you guys are hotter than we are down here. Anyway, have a great day!
Blessings from Susan in FL

Yolanda Elizabet said...

A whole field of Morning Glories! How cool is that! Wow, it must be a sight for sore eyes. Great pic of that red barn!

Hopefully the weather will cool down soon in your neck of the woods!

Green thumb said...

It must be amusing to see a whole field full of morning glories. The photograph is beautiful, almost like a picture postcard.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I don't know about this farmer, but I planted morning glories about two years ago--and not since. But they are coming up everywhere! They ate my cucumbers. They are growing in the compost pile. (Okay, I haven't turned the compost pile in a while.) They are even growing out of the cracks in sidewalks.

Invasive? Yep.

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Carolyn gail said...

That red barn brings back memories of down on the farm . And the morning glories are so pretty. My neighbor has morning glories on her front garden fence, intermingling with a red cardinal vine.

Kylee said...

Those look like hybrids, even!

Your photo of the barn and corn could have been taken here. And we've also got lots of morning glories growing amongst the corn. You can see them quite often at the edges of the fields and it's just gorgeous to see them as you drive along in the mornings.

Last year, we actually dug up a beautiful one that was growing in the bean field beside our house and transplanted it to our split-rail fence. :-)

Bev said...

That's amazing Robin! I've never seen a whole field of them. Yes, they are invasive! I have them all over the place too. Great photo.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Susan, thank you. The weather did cool down. It was supposed to be a high of 59 today. What a difference a few days make up here.

Yolanda E: It was pretty cool. K love that barn for some reason and pass it every time I go somewhere. I've bee wanting to get the picture for a long time and it was convenient that morning since I was there with my camera. It definitely cooled down. Too fast.

Green Thumb: Thank you. It is quite a sight to see a blooming corn field.

Robin (bumblebee: I guess they would multiply like crazy in a field like that. I wonder if it is driving him crazy to have them everywhere, or if he likes it.

Carolyn Gail: There are so many barns around here and I'm drawn to them for some reason. I'd love to get pictures of every one of the red barns that I see. I'd love to have a white picket fence for the morning glories to climb.

Kylee: Do you know if the farmers plant them on purpose? They are quite beautiful aren't they?

Thanks Bev. I hope to see them again before the frost gets them. Maybe Saturday morning.

Thank you all for the comments!

Kylee said...

Robin, I doubt if the farmers plant them that way on purpose. To hear them talk, they HATE them. Well, I LOVE them!