Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Around the Yard

Vonlafin, from Gardening with God,(http://gardeningwithgod.blogspot.com/) had a picture of her tree peony in bloom, I planted this one about four years ago and it has never bloomed. It is in full sun. Can I do anything to help it bloom?
Lamb's Ear

First clematis bloom on the mailbox.

The hostas look so pretty. Last year we had a spring hail storm that left them pulverized. I had to cut off so many shredded leaves that they were badly misshapen.

Japanese Maple


Yolanda Elizabet said...

The hostas are looking good, let's hope they stay that way. Your Clematis is very pretty, do you know which variety it is?

Robin said...

Yolanda, I planted this clematis about four years ago, if I remember correctly, I think it was labeled Jackmanii. I was beginning to wonder if I remembered incorrectly, because some that I have seen are a darker purple. I just did a quick search on Google before answering and I did see a jackmanii picture that looked like mine.