Monday, May 28, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

We made an emergency visit home to Alabama after getting a call that my mom had blood clots in her lung. I spent most of my time at the hospital with her and one of the evenings with a friend whose brother was killed in a car crash earlier that day. It was not a pleasure trip, to say the least. Thankfully, Mother is doing better and was released from the hospital on Saturday.

I've never been fond of the Mimosa tree; it's one of those trees that's so plentiful in Tuscaloosa, you sort of ignore them. My mother-in-law had one that popped up at her home and she cut it down after several years because she just didn't like it either. It was very messy and seedlings came up everywhere. Since I haven't seen them in bloom in several years they actually stood out to me this trip home and for the first time I enjoyed their unique beauty.
The crepe myrtles were in full bloom. They are planted in clusters all around the city in the center area of the exit and entrance ramps. Masses of purple or dark pink blooms. It's so beautiful. In the spring I miss the azalea and in the summer I miss the crepe myrtle.
This is the porch at my parents home, it goes the full length down the side of their house. It's one of my favorite spots in the whole world. I love sitting here early in the morning, before anyone else is up, watching the birds while I have my quiet time. I love sitting here on this swing with my mom. It is a very special place indeed.
I didn't have as much time this trip to enjoy the porch swing, but I did get up about 6:00 A.M. each morning so I could have my morning coffee and watch the birds before heading to the hospital. It was a bit hazy and smokey due to the forest fires in Georgia and Florida. My parent's neighbor has several bird feeders, so there's usually quite a variety of birds. Mocking birds had nested in the dogwood tree behind the swing. I spotted wrens, who were looking on the porch for a place to build their nest. I saw a blue jay, ( one of my favorite birds), cardinals, robins, sparrows, wood peckers and a nuthatch.

My mom's hydrangea was in full bloom.

Across the fence at the neighbor's house is this lovely spot. There is an arbor beside the bench that is covered with a pink climbing rose. Sadly, I was a few days shy of seeing it in it's full glory and it was covered in spent unattractive blooms.

Almost home! Yea! It was raining in Indiana, a most welcome sight. Thankfully, our animals are great traveling companions. The kitty was so cute propped here beside my daughter. Part of the time she had her paw resting on her shoulder. Usually, she wants to be in a lap, (my lap), but on the trip home she was content to stay right here. It wasn't quite so tiring for me since I didn't have to hold her for 10 hours, or battle to keep her from getting behind my neck--not comfortable.


Carolyn gail said...

Welcome back, Robin. It's always great to go home isn't it ? I'm always amazed at what's in bloom in Alabama and not here. I dearly miss that early Spring and late Fall weather !

Your flowers are very nice. I love the crepe myrtles as well. Did you see any sweet shrubs ( Calycanthus ) ? That's another old-fashioned favorite .

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Robin, I'm glad your mum is much better. Love that porch and swing! How nice that you got a bit of peace and quiet too. Your parents garden is looking good!

How wonderful that your kittycat and doggie are so wellbehaved and make excellent travel companions!

Rosemarie said...

Hi there -- I hope your mom is better. What a difference in the climate between Alabama and Indiana, it's amazing. also I have to comment on how cool it is that you traveled with your cat and dog. I love people like you!! And your cat is adorable. Our cat who liked to travel passed away this January, but we need to try and get our other one used to car trips this summer. Her name's Mini Cooper so she should like it, right?!