Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogger Bloom Day

Two miniature rose bushes are just beginning to bloom.
African Daisies in a container. I have really enjoyed these bright sunny blooms.
I don't really care for the lamb's ear blooms but they are interesting and pretty in an unusual sort of way.
In this container I have petunias, verbena, yellow and purple African daisies.

I'm not sure why I bought a mixed color package of impatiens seeds, I like the pink color best. I don't care for the red at all, but the white is pretty.
The fading blooms on the new azalea. I wish I had gotten it earlier in the season to enjoy the blooms longer.
Superbells on the front porch.

One bloom today on the clematis at the mailbox. I'm so glad there was at least on bloom to share.

The pansy is still going strong.

Lantana on the patio.
Here is my bloom list:
Impatiens - Busy Lizzie and New Guinea
African Daisy
Dianthus - Cheddar pinks and Firewitch
Purple Sage- salvia
Creeping phlox
Violas -Johnny jump-ups
Miniature roses
Purple sweet potato vine (I wasn't expecting this to bloom)
About to bloom:
Purple coneflowers


Pam/Digging said...

You have a cheerful mix of flowers, Robin. And I love the photo of the luna moth in your previous post. What gorgeous moths they are.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

It's looking lovely Robin, your garden is coming along nicely. Very pretty that mini rose and I love that pansie of yours!

Annie in Austin said...

The Super bells look like what are called Millionbells in some places - are yours called Callibrachoa, too, Robin? Hummingbirds like them, as well as humans ;-]

Annie at the Transplanable Rose

Robin said...

Annie, it is the same. It is called Superbells Pink' Calibrachoa hybrid.

Carol said...

I love all your flowers, and I bought many of the same.

My sister did hear that later this week, temperatures are dropping and there is the possibility of frost. My prediction is that if we do get some frost, it will be isolated to lower lying areas where the cold air naturally tends to settle. Right now, I'm just hoping and praying for rain. It is TOO dry for mid-May.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

ina said...

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