Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pets, Petals, and Pests

H F Young Clematis

A few of the impatiens I grew from seed have buds.

It should be safe to plant the caladiums now.

The center of this Johnny Jump-up looks like a blond angel in a robe to me.

Speedwell Veronica

This is so frustrating. My rose bushes were covered with aphids today. I squished some by hand, then sprayed them with soapy water, then blasted them with the water hose.
Then I saw that something had eaten this bud. First the freeze gets the beautiful spring blossoms and then the bugs get these. The ground is so dry now from lack of rain, all I had time for today was watering my plants. If I didn't enjoy gardening so much and the rewards it brings, I would probably throw my hands up in frustration and quit, but quitting is not an option. I'll not whine about it any more (in this post any way), because nothing worth having comes easy. And these beautiful blossoms are worth the effort.


Peony buds

My kitty is an inside girl; often I will leave the door cracked open a little for her and she will play, turn flips and all sorts of funny antics. I often wonder what she would do if we let her out. We all love this little kitty and would be heartbroken if something should happen to her, so she only gets to look out for now.
I thought this was funny, the cat is wanting out and the dog is wanting in, or maybe they just wanted to be together. They really do get along well.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What cheerful flowers you have already. The dianthus is very pretty, does it have a scent?

Your kitty made me laugh. Excellent pics of the attempted escape. ;-) My kitties are all indoor cats but they love to play in the garden. I let them when I'm in the garden myself because they listen very well when I call them back if they stray too far.

Carol said...

Lots going on now that it's May! We'll be running around trying to get everything planted. I just hope we don't get a bunch of daytime rain.

Robin said...

Yolanda, I don't think the dianthus has a smell.
I wish I knew if my cat would stay close by. She is like my shadow inside, but I just have a fear that she will run and I'll not be able to catch her.

Carol, I have so much to do. I am very glad for the rain we just had. For some reason it seems to all come at one time, it's feast or famine.