Monday, May 7, 2007


I went to one of the local Starbucks today and got a large bag of coffee grounds for my new compost pile. I also bought another trash can for a second compost pile. The first one seems to be doing well. It appears to be breaking down quickly and is staying warm and moist. I can't wait to spread that compost in my flower beds, the soil really needs enriching.
I'm surprised that this peony isn't covered with ants. It is just dripping with, um, whatever it is that peonies drip with. I'm too tired to think clearly tonight.

The sage is in full bloom. I'm not seeing any bees and I've only seen a couple of butterflies passing through but not stopping. I hope when my butterfly bush blooms they will come.

African Daisy

I haven't been able to get out into the yard much these last few days. I worked for just a couple of hours tonight. I could have gotten an earlier start but it was a beautiful evening and I took a long walk with my daughter. I at least got a little bit accomplished in the yard. I watered again, (everything is drying out so quickly), I put up a new trellis and planted another clematis. I also planted a few more of my annuals and did some weeding and mulching.

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Carol said...

I'd say you are getting quite a bit done, little by little.

I've been tempted by the coffee grounds from Starbucks, but never tried them. Let me know how that works out.