Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feeding and Weeding

This is Nell on her 81st birthday which was April 28

I went to the nursing home today to feed my mother-in-law, Nell. We try to do this two or three times a week as she has Alzheimer's and cannot feed herself well anymore, (this is such a sad disease). While I was out it rained pretty hard. I'm so glad I didn't have to water this evening. Since the ground was moist I decided to do some much needed and much dreaded weeding and got quite a bit accomplished. I weeded just about all of the back right side. This is my worst area for weeds. My raised beds are no big deal to weed because the grass stays out pretty well, but the back area isn't edged so the grass and weeds spread like crazy. I hope to do some kind of edging later; that may be a project for the fall or next spring. After weeding this bed I mulched it. I planted the lilac shrub and two burning bushes. I also finished removing all of the grass/weeds from the side bed, I spread some newspaper and added top soil and manure to the part that was already edged. Hopefully tomorrow I can finish adding the few remaining blocks, add the soil, manure and peat and then plant my seeds for my cutting flower garden. It was nice to get a few of those messes cleaned up today. I don't plan on going anywhere tomorrow so hopefully I can spend more time outside completing some of these projects.

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