Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for a Beautiful Day!

During the month of November we've had day after day of cold, gray, dreary and depressing weather. I think that is also one of the reasons I've been feeling SAD, I believe I have experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder. I really dislike winter, it's not so much the cold weather that bothers me, but the lack of sunshine. Sometimes it really does affect my energy level and my moods.

Today was a gorgeous day! While it was only in the mid to upper 40's, the sun was shining and it felt warm to me. I was able to get outside an clean off the patio and empty the containers to store them in the garage for the winter. It felt so wonderful to be outside piddling around in the yard. I'm very thankful for my guys who helped me with this heavy chore.

The robins are still around and they were chirping loudly today as were the cute little chickadees.

Glorious sunshine, yard work, and singing birds... now that was just what the doctor ordered!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been quite a while since my last post. Thank you all for the comments that have been left for me.

This has been a difficult month for me. I've had a nasty respiratory virus that's had me coughing and not feeling particularly well for about a month and other health related things that have been bothersome.

I've also been very discouraged and disappointed in some people that I know who have made very poor decisions and have hurt their loved ones. I've been sad and probably even depressed.

I've always wanted my blog to be a place of cheer and encouragement for those who visit. It makes my day when people comment that a picture or a post has brought them cheer.

Honestly, it has been difficult for me to see much beauty in the ordinary things lately, so I've not been taking many nature pictures and the ones I have taken have not pleased me.

I really needed this special time of Thanksgiving to focus on those many things I'm thankful for. I needed to be reminded to focus on blessings and not problems. It has been a very enjoyable Thanksgiving for us even though we couldn't be with extended family this year.

I'm feeling better now both physically and emotionally and hope to post more regularly again.

I'm so thankful for each of you who faithfully reads this blog of mine and I'm thankful for your blogs that I've continued to read, even though I haven't felt much like commenting recently.

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyable time with your loved ones.

On a side note, my computer is sounding strange tonight. So, if by chance you don't hear from me, it may be that I have computer problems. I do hope that isn't the case.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Autumn Around Robin's Nesting Place

Thank you all for your sweet comments and get well wishes. I apparently don't have the flu, just another virus. I was feeling better today and actually got out to vote. When we pulled into the parking lot, the line was out the door but thankfully our particular precinct had no waiting at all.

It was such a beautiful day and I just couldn't stand to be inside all day. I walked around the yard and took a few pictures. The seed heads of the butterfly weed have opened up and the silky seeds are flying about as the breeze blows.

The way the sun was shining on the seeds reminded me of July 4th sparklers.

The lady bugs are everywhere right now.

I was sad to see the swallowtail caterpillar on the parsley this late in the season. I don't think this little one will make it before the cold weather hits.

The maple tree in my front yard is beautiful right now. I believe this one is an 'October Glory' maple.

I saw another bluebird at the birdbath today but we were on our way out the door to go vote. Hopefully he will come back tomorrow for another dip and I can get more pictures.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bluebirds are Back!

There are always certain flower seed heads that I leave for the goldfinches. They seem to enjoy the cosmos, zinnia, and...

especially the purple cone flower seeds. The kitty and I take great pleasure in watching them close-up from the windows.

I was in the kitchen a few days ago and noticed a flash of blue in the neighbors shrubs. I think he has some type of shrub dogwood that is loaded with whitish berries. The birds are really enjoying these berries and the bluebirds seem to like them as well.

I was delighted to see a few of them coming into my own yard.

This one was actually checking out the bluebird box. Hopefully he will remember it in the spring. I was so disappointed that it wasn't chosen this year by a bluebird couple. It gives me something else to look forward to about spring.

This has been a frustrating time for me. I have so much to do but have had one illness after another it seems. I had a really nasty stomach bug. The lymph nodes under my armpits were infected, causing some rather uncomfortable symptoms, with some mobility limitations. And now when the weather warms up and it is amazingly beautiful outside, I think I have the flu. This is so not fun!!!

I hope to get the front bed cleaned up and those tulip bulbs planted soon. Hopefully once this passes I will have a long season of good health.

I hope everyone else is in good health and enjoying this lovely autumn weather.