Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Face-Off

The male cardinal and male house sparrow face-off:

The cardinal wins!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter's Last Hurrah and little Indiana Feature!

Winter, (in Indiana), is not quite ready to hand the reins over to spring! We had a bit of wintry mix again last night and for some reason it feels colder to me in March than it did all winter! I am longing for warmth and sunshine!

I usually hibernate as much as possible during the winter but I knew the March 6th snowfall would probably be our last so I ventured out to Forest Park and Potter's Bridge for a few pictures.

We have had a lot of much needed precipitation this winter and the river has recovered from the summer's severe drought. The water level had been so low that you could walk almost all the way across.

Potter's Bridge is one of my favorite places to take pictures here in Noblesville! I love covered bridges!

This one was taken at Forrest Park. I stopped by to watch the kids sled at the golf course.

You know that I can't have a blog post about snow without a few bird pictures!

We have a few more days of cold temperatures then hopefully it will feel a little more like spring!

Thank you to Jessica Nunemaker, from little Indiana, for featuring Robin's Nesting Place!
Jessica writes little Indiana: Where to Stay, Play, and Eat in Small Towns in Indiana. Discovering Indiana’s best small towns! Jessica is also the host of PBS Indiana Town Explorer!