Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sprucing Up Foam Planters

 Do you have one of these, (a lightweight foam planter)? More than likely you do!

 I have several of them! The containers are still in great shape but over the years they have lost the original paint and they are an ugly orange color. It is very obvious that they are foam.

As I was thinking about creating a container for the May Lowe's project, I decided to spruce up these as well.

 So I painted them! Doesn't it look like a concrete planter? So much better! I had searched the internet and even Pinterest to see if I could find out how to paint them. I saw very little information so I had to experiment. Here is what I did, just in case you have one in need of painting too.

Several months ago I found some Valspar flat paint in the mistint section of Lowe's. I added about a level tablespoon of unsanded grout to some hot water, (in a clean sour cream container),  and stirred until it was dissolved. Then I added about a cup of Valspar flat paint and stirred it well.I wanted a rougher concrete look so I applied the paint with a kitchen sponge and sponge paint brush.

I have a variegated euonymus, I believe it is 'Emerald 'n Gold', in the planter. It is a fabulous plant for a large container! It was becoming a bit unruly in my garden so last fall I dug it up and put it in the container. It is evergreen and during the winter had a lovely blush of pink on the leaves! 

I left it in the container when I painted and just wrapped it in a bungee cord to lift it up. Easy, peasy project!

Disclosure: As a blogger for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Garden Club Network I was provided with a Lowe’s gift card to purchase the materials for my project.