Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Teapot Birdhouse

One of my goals as a gardener has been to attract the birds to my small yard. I have one nesting box that that has been used by the black-capped chickadees for several years. Some years they raise two broods. The same box has been used by wrens.

I saw this morning that the black-capped chickadees are already busy building their nest in this box!  The robins are busy building their nest too! That must mean that spring is here for good this time!

I love getting inspiration from Pinterest! (You can follow me if you like!) I had admired some of the teapot birdhouses I had seen and wanted to make one of my own.

The teapot was a Goodwill find and the old drawer was purchased for a dollar or two at a local vendor mall! I thought the drawer would add a little more shelter for the birds.


I glued the teapot to the wood and also looped the twine through the opening just in case the teapot should come unglued.  I also glued the top of the teapot to the drawer as a landing perch. 
I need to hang it a little higher, turn it in a different direction, (for better weather protection), and secure it better for less movement. I hope it will have new occupants soon!

I've been felting wool items for projects and saved the loose fibers for the birds. Hopefully I'll have a few more nesting birds here at Robin's Nesting Place!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The State of the Garden Address

I cleaned up some in the yard Monday! It was still cold but at least the sun was shining! I was saddened by the condition of my flower beds and my yard. I lost so many plants last summer during our severe drought. My flower beds are for the most part a blank slate again.  I still can't tell if my Kousa dogwood survived. It doesn't look good. We used to have such a nice lawn, it is mostly weeds again. It is all rather discouraging. I have plants growing inside, I'm hoping to fill some of the gaps as cheaply as possible.

On a more positive note, I am finally getting a few spring blooms! The irises are always my early bloomers. I also have a few daffodils blooming and the white crocus will probably open today. I think spring is really here to stay this time!

I was given a beautiful bouquet of tulips on Saturday. I had a little photography session with them yesterday!

It won't be long before my own tulips are blooming! I hope they come back this year!

I think I can finally say, Welcome spring!