Sunday, October 28, 2007

Freeze Warning and Creature Feature

Today was a gorgeous and exciting day at Robin's Nesting Place. After the frost this morning I was surprised to find several visitors in my garden this afternoon.

Once again the painted lady butterflies were all over my almost dead zinnias. I never expected to see them again this year. We are expecting a freeze tonight and I doubt those zinnias will last through the night, so today's visit was a special treat for me.

Not only did I have the butterflies, but for the very first time since I've lived here I had blue jays in my yard. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch and enjoying the usual glance out the window and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw three of them descend on my feeders. Their loud cry is unmistakable and they immediately sent the sparrows scurrying off.

I know that they are considered a menace to some because of their bullying and raucous ways, but I have really missed seeing them and I hope they will stay.

This may seem silly to some, but when I read Lisa at Greenbow Gardens post about watching her bird feeder, and Robin (bumblebees) post on her lack of birds , I began wistfully thinking of my bird feeders back home in Alabama and how I missed the variety of birds that I had there, I thought then that I wouldn't really consider my bird feeder a success until I saw a blue jay. Then low and behold, here they are today after almost seven years. I've been like a giddy child all day thinking about this little blessing. Now all I need are the woodpeckers, dark-eyed juncos, chickadees and nuthatches. Well, maybe next year.

This wasn't a nice surprise, one of them met their demise. If only I was a little quicker on my feet...

With the freeze warning tonight, I'm very glad that I have my gerbera daisies tucked safely inside. I have enjoyed their blooms since spring and they are still giving and will hopefully be in bloom for November Blogger Bloom Day.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Blue Jays...good for you. They are not only loud they are big gossips. I bet you will start getting more diversity to your feeders soon as the Jays will tell everyone about their find.

Priscilla George said...

Those are some beautiful daisies. I need to put up a bird feeder and get some more butterfly loving plants on my balcony. I hardly every see any birds. Bluejays are so beautiful I'm glad your feeder is a success.

verobirdie said...

The blus jays look quite satisfied with your feeder. And I like Lisa's comment so much, too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Robin. I also have been noticing a bunch of late butterflies this year, especially painted ladies, which I normally hardly ever see, Red Admirals, and fritillaries. And a bumper crop of bluejays too. Many more that usual for some reason. I'm in Maryland.

Entangled said...

I'm seeing and hearing blue jays this fall for the first time in a long time. I've not seen any on the feeders though :-(

I wonder if they're just now building populations back after they were thinned out by West Nile virus?

Kylee Baumle said...

We used to have so many blue jays, but I haven't seen them around for the last few years. I did see one about three weeks ago and was shocked. I hope they come back. They are noisy but they're really pretty.

Annie in Austin said...

Blue Jays seem to be abundant in my present neighborhood - we seldom saw them at the last house a few miles away. I'm glad you're seeing their blue feathers flash at your house, Robin!

Lisa's idea is too funny - hope the Blue Jays don't talk up your garden to the grackles and starlings!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose