Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Buebirds Again

The bluebird is becoming a regular visitor now, I spotted him at the birdbath today. I'm not sure if he was checking out the nesting box again.

I got a few pictures before he flew away.

The ducks are so funny. I was outside on the patio this evening and spotted them coming into the yard. I walked over to Lilly and sat on the grass beside her to hold her leash so she wouldn't chase them. They walked right up to the patio and ate the sunflower seeds. I couldn't believe that they would come so close to me and the dog.

Hopefully Lilly will get used to seeing them and won't bother them, but between the cat yesterday and the neighbors dog in my yard today, they better be careful.

It was a beautiful spring day today with temperatures reaching around the low 70's. My son mowed our backyard for the first time today. It only needed it in the areas where Lilly regularly "waters".
I transplanted the zinnias and quite a few petunias. A few weeks ago, I took some cuttings from the sweet potato vines, that I had overwintered, and placed them in water.

They had nice long roots already and I put into containers today. I'm getting tired of taking care of all of these plants inside and I'm ready to do some real gardening. With temperatures in the 70's it's hard to imagine another cold snap, but I know better than to put these babies outside yet. I have so many petunias that I did get tired of re-potting them today and stuck a few into containers on the patio. I'll just have to cover them if it gets too cold.

All but two of the winter sowing containers have plants growing in them and one of those is purple fountain grass seeds that I just planted a few days ago. The other is columbine. Everything else looks great. We have rain, rain and more rain in the forecast for this week. I'm so glad I was able to play outside for awhile today.


Jayne said...

It was today a year ago that our temps plunged down to 25-27 and everything that was bloomed out turned black and died. That, followed by a horrible drought made for a not so great growing season. I do hope this year is different. It feels different, though now they are saying the lows this weekend could dip into the mid-30's. Ack!
Beautiful Bluebird! Hope he hangs around. :c)

Meems said...

It must feel truly exhilarating for you to get outside for a day in your beautiful spring weather, Robin. I envy the bluebirds that hang out with you but will enjoy them here at your site... keep those photos coming.

I make cuttings of potato vine and literally poke them in the ground or a pot and they barely skip a beat before they are performing like they've always been there... I adore them for that and for their vibrant colors and the shape of their leaves. They can be invasive down here if we don't tend to them regularly... not a problem for me.

Sounds like your indoor gardening efforts continue to burst at the seams - soon you will be reporting of the lush plantings in the ground... I can't wait to see it.

Karen said...

Your bluebird pictures are awesome. I saw the forecast for this week in Indianapolis and it's supposed to rain and maybe even snow showers Sunday and Monday. Argghh! My plants are bursting at the seams to be planted outside too, so I feel your pain.

Nancy J. Bond said...

The bluebirds are so pretty. We've had a wonderful run of sunny days, and should get well into the 60's today, possibly even hug the 70° mark. One can hope.

Melanie Chopay said...

Lovely photos! We haven't hit the 70's here yet, I expect we have awhile before that happens. During the winter the ocean keeps us warmer but now we're surrounded with that cold water so we take longer to get the higher temperatures.

Those sweet potato cuttings look so good that I want to run out and buy some right now!

Jane O' said...

Your bluebird is incredibly bright. Does he have any red on his chest? If not, he could be an Indigo Bunting. They are more of an electric blue than the bluebird. Just wondering.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Jayne, I hope that doesn't happen again this year. Our spring was ruined last year too.

Meems, it is exhilarating to be outside again, to have the windows open and hear the birds.
I had never rooted the sweet potato vine before, I didn't know they were so easy to root.

Karen, I know, I saw that S word in the forecast too. I hope they are wrong.

Nancy, don't you just love spring? I love those 60-70 degree days.

Melanie, it will be there before you know it. I enjoy the sweet potato vines too.

Jayne Marie, they are blue aren't they. He does have a red chest.

beckie said...

Robin, what wonderful pics of the blue bird. I think he likes it there. Those ducks look quite at home too! Be patient a little longer and maybe this weekend will be the last cold snap.

Gail said...

Robin, I am always struck with how beautifully you capture the color blue and, would you mind if I borrowed your idea for used brick...that is a perfect birdbath stand and would compliment my brick house.

I know you northern gardeners are ready to be frost free....we might get cold weather, I shall drape all my beds with old sheets...jayne must be in the midsouth, too. Sigh.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden is so alive with birds Robin. That Mr Bluebird really wants to move in. Hopefully he can find a lady friend to move in with him.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bluebird (unknown to me) and I admire a good sturdy birdbath. Spring is a busy time for you. I look forward to the photos with the petunias. Have a sunny day.

Anonymous said...

This is great and I just love the bluebirds! Must be a bluebird day!

chey said...

Beautiful bluebirds! We don't have them in our neck of the woods. Lucky you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm there with ya, girl. Rain, rain, go away. I planted some sweet potato vine that looked just like that day before yesterday. Love those ducks. Funny creatures.

Frances, said...

How wonderful to be able to sit on the grass with your pet and watch the ducks walk by and see bluebirds and have cuttings and seedlings ready to go. How wonderful.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Love those bluebirds, wish we had them too as they are so gorgeous. But I see that we have the same ducks, wonderful! They can get very naughty. There were some ducks that I fed regularly and in the end they would just tear the bread from my hands while they stood on my foot.

Have a great weekend!

Aiyana said...

When I visited Indiana several years ago this time of year, the weather was in the low 70s. When I commented on the nice weather, someone commented that I should wait a minute, because it could be 45 an hour later! It was.

Mary said...

Keep an eye on those Bluebirds, Robin! I'll bet they are getting ready to nest.

Enjoy the warmth while it's here. I'm taking off this afternoon to enjoy 80 degrees before rain, a cold front, and a frost warning hits this weekend!

Annie in Austin said...

Nice Bluebird photos, Robin! I sure envy you having Bluebirds in your garden, but do not miss the 's' word in April.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unknown said...

Because of the week i've had, I missed some posts so let me offer belated birthday wishes for your first year of blogging. You're certainly a wonderful addition to the blogging world, Robin, and here's to many more wonderful posts full of delicious photos.
And those bluebirds...well, I'm in awe. They're just so ethereal--almost blue poppy blue, too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yea, The bluebirds are back! I was so worried. And you've got such a nice long list of babies all healthy and ready to be grown up plants. This is a ho hum time of year. You live in fear of a freeze that will wipe out months of hard work. We are dipping into the low 30's for one night next week. I'm glad I havn't planted any tender annuals yet. I'm waiting another week. The old timers around here are talking about a May snowfall??? EEEK