Monday, July 7, 2008

Water Primrose and Dragonflies

Primrose is rapidly taking over one of our neighborhood ponds. It is just beginning to bloom and is actually quite pretty. I did a little research on the primrose and found that it is harmful to aquatic life, because it is extremely invasive and eventually covers the pond it causes the PH balance and the water quality to be affected. From what I've read from different sources, it is more harmful than helpful.

Our neighborhood will soon be spraying to kill it. It's hard to know sometimes what the more prudent thing to do is. Especially when you see the surface creatures benefiting from it.

I had never seen mating dragonflies before.

The dragonflies seem to be very abundant this year. Hundreds of them, all over the primrose.

I hope the spray won't harm them.

I had read that primrose is great to put in the compost pile. I actually took my rake and a plastic container thinking that I could pull some out. I was surprised by how much it had spread and grown since my last pond visit. There was no way I could pull a chunk of that mass out of the water with my rake.

I'm sure algae would be great for the compost pile too.


Naturegirl said...

Robin This is a pretty looking dragon fly and you're right they are abundant here in my part of the world this year! I have a pond and not primrose only beautiful pond lilies!
BTW I've just joined up w/ Blotanical and I see you're there too! :)NG

beckie said...

Robin, your pictures are wonderful-your new camera takes great ones. Of course I love the dragonflies.:}
One reason they are so plentiful this year is that they are exceptinal mosquito eaters. It is said that they eat more than bats or birds. I know we have seen a lot here and the mosquitoes are abundant!

Frances, said...

Hi Robin, your dragonfly looks just like mine, couldn't get a positive ID from that site What's That Bug?, so many similar ones with the blue tails and eyes. That is so sad about the primrose needing spraying. I guess that is the only cure, but I agree it will probably harm those wonderful mosquito chompers in the process. Do they know why the primrose got so out of control there? Preventive as always seems the best way to go. That algae would make some great compost!

Rose said...

Beautiful dragonfly photos! We have seen so many dragonflies in the area this year. I didn't realize they were mosquito eaters, but that makes me even happier to see them!
Too bad there isn't some way you could get that primrose out, but spraying it seems the lesser of two evils.

NCmountainwoman said...

Very interesting. I never knew those facts about primroses. Lovely pictures.

The Broken Man said...

The photos are fab! I have to say though that it was the "Fiddler on The Roof" comment on your front page that attracted me - it's my favourite too. My wife took me to see the stage show for my birthday - I laughed through the whole of the first half, and cried through the whole of the second!

The Broken Man

Dave said...

I've seen quite a few Dragon flies around this year also. I had no idea that primrose could take over a pond like that. It's pretty but also pretty invasive!

Nancy J. Bond said...

The dragonflies are so beautiful with their iridescent wings. :) I hope the primrose can be controlled without harm to them or other winged critters.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'll bet the dragonflies will do just as well without the Primrose. You probably just notice them more because they contrast with the foliage more than the water. These photos are terrific.

Marie said...

Beautiful dragonflies :)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Naturegirl, I'd love to have a pond with beautiful pond lilies. Glad you joined up at Blotanical.

Beckie, I didn't know they ate mosquitoes. That is probably why we have so many.

Frances, I saw yours too! I think they have to spray every year. It seems that once it takes hold or drops seed it is difficult to remove. It is very aggressive!

Thanks, Rose! It is always fun to learn these interesting tidbits of information.

ncmountainwoman, thank you.

The broken man, I'd love to see the stage version of Fiddler on the Roof, I love that movie!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Dave, it is amazing at how fast the primrose grows. I wish it weren't so invasive.

Me too, Nancy. I hope the spray won't harm them.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter,thank you. I haven't noticed the dragonflies being so prolific at the other pond. Maybe they do show up better on the primrose.

Thanks, Marie!

Jayne said...

It is pretty Robin, though not so beneficial. For some reason, Bloglines has not been sending me your feed and I am waaaaay behind reading your wonderful posts. :c( Love that new!!

Patricia said...

Beautiful photos, as always, Robin. Summer up there is not too different from summer down here. I love the large showy primrose willow flowers, but it can be very invasive. My husband worked in the citrus industry for many years and it was a problem in their drainage ditches. I am always trying to capture the perfect photo of one of the flowers. They are such a bright and brilliant yellow, that the lighting has to be just so. On Pollywog Creek, we have a pond and a creek, but the primrose is only in the creek - which is fine with me. The creek flows into a large river.